5 Things You’ll Learn with a Home Inspection Course

Home inspection course

Home inspecting lets you be in business for yourself.

There’s a lot to learn about this business, and most people need a home inspection course to do the job correctly. Even if you’ve worked in some facet of the construction industry, home inspection is different so there’s more to cover.

A typical course teaches most of the basics that are standard throughout the industry. What makes ICA School stand out is how our coursework is presented, the extras that we offer, and our track record of success.

Here’s what you can expect to learn when you enroll in our home inspection training program:

Legal and Business Aspects of the Home Inspection Business

Home inspection is a business, and it’s your business. To get off on the right foot, you’ll need to understand this side of the industry, as it will be part of your everyday life.

ICA School teaches you how to form a business, whether you want to be a sole proprietor or an LLC, and how to use pre-inspection agreements, which are legal documents. You’ll also learn about the insurance you’ll be required to maintain as a home inspector.

Home inspection course

You’ll learn what to inspect, and how to inspect it.

How to Perform a Home Inspection

Naturally, a home inspection course teaches you how to perform an inspection. We instruct on the best methods to use in a home inspection, and the Standards of Practice, which outline what is universally expected, and not expected, of a home inspector.

Working in concert with how to perform an inspection is how to inspect the different components of a piece of real estate. This is the bulk of your training with ICA School, and it’s broken into several distinct topics. You’ll learn in depth about roofing, exteriors, structure, interiors, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical.

How to Create an Inspection Report

An inspection is only as good as the report that you create to document it. That’s why there’s a class on report writing, which teaches you how to create a written report for your client, whether it’s a home owner, a real estate agent, or someone else.

Report writing doesn’t mean that you write your reports by hand. In this digital age, you’ll learn how to use technology to make report writing faster, more efficient, and more thorough than a handwritten report.

Home inspection course

Most of the tools you’ll need are fairly basic.

Which Tools You’ll Need to Succeed

Every trade has its tools, and home inspecting is no different. We teach you which tools you’ll need, and where to find them. Fortunately, you probably own some of them already.

A home inspector’s toolkit consists of a flashlight, GFCI tester, and other common items that you might have or can buy for about $200 total. You’ll also need certain technology, such as a laptop computer, the software to generate your reports, and probably bookkeeping software.

How to Market Your Business

The best home inspector in the world won’t have much business without a good marketing strategy. That’s why we have two classes that teach you how to market and build your business.

Marketing is about promotion, or getting the word out. There are many methods of promotion, including the simple business card. But you’ll also learn about attracting a wider customer base.

With so many home inspection training courses available, choosing the right one can be a bit confusing.

At ICA School, you’ll get comprehensive training, led by a professional, and you can work at your own pace. Finish in a few weeks, or take longer if you need to. It’s your choice.

We cover more areas, too. Compared to other courses, the real value is in what we offer. You’ll get the basics, just like any other reputable school. But instead of asking you to pay extra for additional training in areas such as HUD, mold, and fire code inspections, all of that and more is included in your tuition.

Are you ready to start the next phase of your life and train for career as a home inspector? Click here and enroll now with ICA School.

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