Continuing Education is Part of Home Inspector Training

Home inspector training

Continuing education courses help improve your home inspection proficiency.

Once you’ve completed home inspector training, you’re ready to start a new career. But that doesn’t mean your education is over, or that it should be. Continuing education (CE) helps you become a better inspector, and stay informed about changes in the industry.

Not every area requires licensure, so not every area requires CE units for home inspectors. But if you want to maintain membership in an organization such as InterNACHI, you’ll need to acquire and report earned and approved credits each calendar year.

Here’s where you can find the courses that you need:

ICA School Partners With Quality Education Group

When you receive home inspector training through ICA School, naturally you’d look to us for CE credits. That’s why we have partnered with Quality Education Group to help you fulfill your requirements.

As with licensing, continuing education requirements vary by state. At this time, Quality Education Group services Oregon, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. They offer live and online courses, with the widest selection at one time being online.

Home inspector training

Attending a conference can help you meet others in the field, and earn CE credits.

NAHI Offers CE Units for Members

The National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) offers a wide range of CE opportunities for members. You can earn credits for attending a conference, chapter meeting, and in an approved ride-along inspection.

Other credit possibilities include publishing an article, speaking at a NAHI training session, presenting at NAR or another approved program, producing a training video, becoming a NAHI board member, among many other choices.

Home inspector training

InterNACHI courses could fulfill your membership and state licensing CE requirements.

InterNACHI CE Courses are Free to Members

Anyone can take advantage of InterNACHI’s CE courses, but it makes sense to join the organization and have access to courses for free. Paying for the courses as you go equals what your membership would cost, and membership offers so much more than just continuing education.

InterNACHI has general CE options, such as the Home Energy Score for Real Estate Professionals course. And it offers some state-specific options, too, such as the Nevada Home Inspectors Standards of Practice and Legal Rules course.

You may find other CE possibilities through your state licensing board, and also through ASHI’s Smart Track and ASHI-endorsed programs. The choices are anything but small, so you should have no problem finding and fulfilling your requirements.

Even if you elect not to join an organization and your state doesn’t require it, continuing education makes you a better inspector. Nothing is static, especially not the home inspection field. Taking courses regularly ensures that you know what’s current, and that you’re prepared to handle it in an inspection. That’s what keeps you relevant in the competitive world of home inspections.

If you’re still thinking about home inspector training, take the next step and enroll now with ICA School. You’ll find no better training anywhere, and you can work at your own pace. In as little as a few weeks, you could have your own business and join the many professional inspectors who help keep the real estate market moving forward.

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