Do I Need Continuing Education Home Inspection Courses?

Home inspection

No matter where you live and work, continuing education makes you a better inspector.

Staying active and involved in the industry is important, but continuing education (CE) home inspection courses are some of the most beneficial things that you can do for your business. These courses will keep you up-to-date on new regulations, procedures, and other important developments in home inspecting.

These courses aren’t as much of a time commitment as your initial training. Where you’ll learn a lot to earn your initial certification, CE credits build on that education, and are earned a few at a time.

CE credits help you stay relevant in a changing industry. You really do need them, whether or not they’re required.

Continuing Education Might be Mandatory

Not every state requires licensing for home inspectors. For example, Colorado doesn’t. But several other states do, and many of those require CE credits to keep your license active. Every state will be different. One might require a certain number of credits periodically, while another might require many more, or possibly fewer credits.

Another area where CE credits are not optional is gaining or keeping an active membership with certain home inspector organizations. As with licensing, not every organization requires CE credits regularly. But for those that do, it’s the only way to stay in good standing.

Home inspection

Most CE courses are available online.

You Can Find CE Opportunities Through Many Sources

There’s no one specific source for taking CE courses. ICA School partners with Quality Education Group, which offers state-licensed continuing education courses for Illinois, Indiana, Oregon, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Other sources include home inspector organizations, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and some state licensing boards, such as the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. If your state requires it, you can usually find links to reputable course providers through the licensing board website.

Home inspection

Staying informed keeps your business looking towards the future.

Home Inspection Courses Make You Competitive

Even in states where licensing isn’t required, and even if you don’t join a home inspector organization, CE courses keep your education on par with the rest of the country. While inspectors in one state learn about new developments in swimming pool and spa inspections, your education won’t lag behind.

In some ways, taking continuing education courses can make you more competitive in states that don’t require it. You’ll have more to offer customers than an inspector who only does the bare minimum.

There’s hardly any industry that stays the same. New developments emerge, laws and regulations change, and even the materials used to build and outfit a house will be different in the years to come.

Continuing education home inspection courses keep you informed, which makes you a better inspector. Your state might not require them. But your business and your customers will thank you for staying on the cutting edge.

ICA School can train you to be a well-rounded, professional home inspector. Our courses cover everything you need for certification, and where you go from there is limited only by your motivation. If you’re thinking about a career in home inspection, get a demo and see firsthand what makes our courses so much better.

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