Home Inspector Training is Better with Instructor-Led Video

Home inspector training

ICA School gives you more tools to succeed.

ICA School is a better value than most, if not all, home inspector training programs, even those that cost a lot more. One of the reasons why is our exclusive, instructor-led videos, which are available to all students.

When you enroll, you’ll find several videos to guide you through the process of learning how to perform a professional, reliable home inspection. And there’s a 2-hour commercial inspection video, too. It’s like going along with another inspector to watch the process firsthand.

Here are three reasons why our videos help you get more than your money’s worth with ICA School home inspector training:

You’ll Feel More Connected

Online learning can give you a detached feeling on the best of days. Iowa State University lists a feeling of isolation and disconnect as one of the primary drawbacks of learning online. Instructor-led video helps you feel connected as a student instead of out there on your own.

With ICA School’s videos, you’ll learn who your instructor is and come to relate to him the same as you would a teacher that you’d see each week in a brick-and-mortar classroom. This link helps you appreciate one of Iowa State’s biggest advantagesof online learning — self-paced study.

Home inspector training

Online learning is easier when you can watch demonstrations.

Video Lets You See How It’s Done

You can read about a theory or technique used in home inspections over and again, but nothing can compare to seeing it with your own eyes. A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is video. Where it’s particularly valuable is for demonstrating a complicated procedure or unfamiliar topic.

When you see how to perform inspections, you won’t have to guess about whether you’ve got the right idea. There’s no room for confusion because you’ll learn it correctly the first time. This is a useful tool for students without construction experience, but it’s also valuable for seasoned pros.

Home inspector training

No matter where or when you study, video lets you watch and listen step-by-step as often as you like.

Real World Experience Comes Through

There’s a certain trust that comes through when you realize that not only has your instructor performed home inspections before, but he’s got years of experience in the field. Real knowhow brings more to the learning process than any amount of reading a book could match.

Trust is imperative when planning a brand new career. If you can trust the instructor to teach you the right way to perform inspections, then you can rely on that same knowledge once you’re out on your own in the field.

ICA School has the only top, online home inspector training course that offers instructor-led video training. What’s more, our training costs less than the closest competitors. And that adds up to the best all-around value for you.

If you want to see one of our inspector training videos in action, get a free demo and start watching within minutes. We’re confident that you’ll agree: Instructor-led video training is the best, most-effective tool available to prospective home inspectors.

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