How to Know if Home Inspection Certification is Right for You

Home inspection

Home inspection is as much business as it is field work.

Home inspection certification can put you on the right path toward a brand new, profitable business. But what if you don’t love it? How can you know if this field is right for you?

There are a few characteristics that give you a reasonably good idea, and they have nothing to do with your carpentry, plumbing or electrical skills. Here are a few indicators that this might be a great career move:

You have a Self-Motivated Personality

Home inspecting is only part of the job. Before you can even begin, you’ll need to find and attract clients. Word-of-mouth advertising is great, and some say it carries the most influence. But it also requires a reputation, which takes time to build. Until then, you’ll need motivation and marketing.

Marketing can be anything from printing business cards and making phone calls to visiting real estate agents and tacking up flyers. If this sounds like more than you’d planned for, home inspecting might not be for you. But if you stay determined to get your name out, you might have found your niche.

Home inspection

If nothing stops you from meeting a goal or fulfilling a promise, you’ve got the right determination to succeed at home inspecting.

You’re a Problem Solver by Nature

It’s rare for any job to go as planned. Maybe the electricity will be off in a home that you need to inspect, or maybe the roof will be inaccessible. You can always count on something going wrong. What makes a great home inspector is how you handle it.

Problems might also come in the form of an item that you don’t know how to inspect. But that shouldn’t stop you, either. If you’ve got your laptop, and you should, you can look up nearly anything and keep on schedule with the inspection.

Being Your Own Boss Sounds Like a Dream

While some home inspectors work for a company, it’s more common to work solo. If you don’t like the idea of rustling up your own business and managing everything, then this might not be the best career path for you. But if being your own boss is a dream, it’s one more reason to sign up for training.

Working for yourself is risky, but it also gives you more options. You’ll be responsible for finding and winning over every customer. But you’ll also enjoy the freedom of working as much or as little as you see fit.

Home inspection

Technology makes your job easier, and helps you offer more to your customers.

New Technology Doesn’t Scare You

Home inspections aren’t really logged in pen and ink anymore. Now, it’s all about the technology. Some people aren’t thrilled to learn about new software and gadgets, and that’s ok. But it can also be a real hindrance when it comes to competing against other inspectors for new clients.

You’ll always find some new something to make life easier. Maybe it’s a high-tech flashlight, new computer software for bookkeeping, or program that lets you design your own business cards. Whatever it is, staying in touch with new technology helps keep you competitive.

What makes a great inspector isn’t measured by who you are or what you know right now. Anyone can learn to be an inspector – male or female, short or tall, young or not so young. What matters is your level of commitment and your drive to be the best inspector you can be.

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