Can a Demo Show What Home Inspection Training is Like?

Home inspection

ICA School blends seamlessly into your busy schedule.

You’re interested in home inspection, but now comes the tricky part. Should you enroll at a brick and mortar school with class times and textbooks? Or should you think about the home inspection training course through ICA School?

It’s natural to wonder about how effective online training is, especially since you’re on your own. What ICA School offers is a course demo, which shows you how it all works. By the time you’re finished, you’ll see just how simple and effective it is to learn the home inspection trade online.

The Director of Education Guides You Through the Course

In the demo, as well as the regular courses, ICA School’s education director, Steve Preins walks you through it step by step. He explains that the actual course is set up exactly like the demo. So if you can work your way through the demo, the technology of the course won’t be a problem.

He also explains that if you use a smartphone or tablet computer, the training program works with those, too. You can study anywhere you want, whenever you have time. Preins goes on to talk about the length of the course. Because it’s online and self-paced, you can finish it in as little or as much time as you like. Your certification plus a smaller laminated copy will arrive in the mail once you’re finished with the course.

Home inspection

Study at your own pace, and finish as quickly as you like.

Course Navigation Isn’t Complicated

Don’t worry about a lot of complex features. The ICA School home inspector course is function first, without any unnecessary bells and whistles to sort through. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; this course provides everything that you need in a clear, attractive format.

You’ll have menus of both course materials and reference materials, either of which you can access at any time. The reference materials are downloadable and yours to keep before, during and after you earn your certification.

Text and Images are Clear and Concise

A lot of effort went into designing the ICA School course. The educational text in each module is straightforward and outlines the subject to clarify, not confuse. You’ll learn about inspection procedures, HVAC load calculations, and everything else in a format that educates without overwhelming.

And speaking of information, a picture is worth a thousand words. So instead of diagrams and drawings that don’t give you an accurate depiction of what to expect in the real world, each module has clear, up-to-date images that leave no details hidden. Everything that you might have in a brick and mortar course is here, in digital format.

Home inspection

You’ll gain the skills to perform inspections and run a professional business.

There’s More to the Course Than Inspections

ICA School is designed to teach anyone how to perform home inspections, regardless of past experience. But it doesn’t stop there. What good is an education if you don’t know how to use it? That’s the basis behind materials that help you start and run your business.

Just like the modules on plumbing, structural and electrical, this course teaches you how to write reports using the latest technology, market your business, and get it off the ground. Practically everything that you need to start is here in the ICA School online course.

ICA School is committed to helping you succeed. They could have offered everything in a series of downloadable files. Instead, they created easy-to-follow video modules, guided by an experienced home inspector.

And if you ever need help along the way, the ICA School staff is just a phone call or email away. That’s true after you’re certified, too.

If you haven’t checked it out, get a free demo now and see for yourself how effective the demo is. Home inspecting might be the best decision that you make. And ICA School is the right way to get there.

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