Is There a Niche for Green Home Inspectors?

Green home inspectors

Green homes are the way of the future, and you can be ahead of the curve.


The green movement affects almost every aspect of the real estate industry. There’s green building materials, green energy, and even green decorative paint. In a world where ecologically sound materials and components are increasingly important, there might be a niche for you to broaden your reach.

Here are a few reasons why expanding your knowledge of eco-friendly materials can help you offer a wider service to customers in your community.


Green home inspectors

Solar panels aren’t just for people who want to live off the grid.


Solar Energy is No Longer a Fringe Idea

There was time when solar panels were a novelty. The cost was inordinately high, they weren’t very common, and their efficiency was debatable. But now, solar power is everywhere.

You still may only see panels on a few homes from time to time, but the numbers are growing as the technology gets better and the costs come down. Learn your way around solar components and the systems that they provide power to, and your reports will be more complete.

New HVAC Options are Becoming Popular

You might know your way around a heat pump, furnace, boiler, and air conditioner, but what about one of the new high-efficiency, mini split systems? Sure, it’s still a heat pump. But the indoor components are different, and so is the ductwork.

In-floor radiant systems of all types, including heated air, heated water, and electric mats, are also becoming more mainstream. The more you know about new HVAC technology, the more you can help your customer.


Green home inspectors

Dual flush toilets work a bit differently.


Water-Saving Plumbing is Commonplace

You might inspect hundreds of low-flush toilets, since they’re the norm now. But have you seen or inspected a dual flush toilet? These models have two functions, one for a low-water flush and one for flushing with the whole tankful. Their popularity is on the rise, so you might see more of them soon.

Water and air filtration systems are also increasingly common, as water and air quality rank higher than they used to. You shouldn’t need to test the quality, but knowing how to operate those systems can only help you and the customer.

InterNACHI explains that there’s a difference between a green building inspection, which is a specific thing, and a standard home inspection. Generally, a green building inspection assesses the energy efficiency of a home through the use of several different measurements and tests. It’s a specialized field.

But a home inspector should also understand many of the green components, especially when they replace the older, more familiar ones. If you encounter a progressive home with hydronic, in-floor heating, solar panels, and a mini split HVAC system throughout the house, think about how much easier your job will be if those items are familiar instead of new and mysterious.

Broadening your education is rarely a bad thing. That’s why ICA School exists – to help people learn the home inspection business and start a thriving company on their own. If you are thinking about home inspection, get a free demo and see how the program works. In as little as a few weeks, you could have your certification and be on your way to a brand-new career.

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