Use Home and Trade Shows to Bring in Customers

Trade shows

Trade and home shows are exciting venues with a lot going on.

Home and trade shows put your face and brand on the home inspection industry. Most home owners have at least a moderate understanding of what you do. But there’s a lot more than they don’t know.

A busy show is your opportunity to get the word out. You can promote your business and fix your company name and logo in the minds of people who will likely need a home inspection sooner or later.

Here’s how to ace a trade or home show, whether it’s your first or not.

Prepare Before the Show

The last thing you want to do is arrive at the show with only a few business cards and flyers in hand. The better you prepare the more professional you’ll come across.

Check out your website. Is all of your information current? Do the links work? If you find any problems, get them corrected before the show. You don’t want to drive potential business to a website that doesn’t function. That’s frustrating for the customer, and it reflects badly on your company.

Plan for a well-appointed booth with attractive signage. Bottled water and snacks are always welcome, and you’ll want professionally designed business cards, flyers and banners. InterNACHI has custom tablecloths that members can borrow for an event, which adds another professional touch.

Trade shows

It’s the one-on-one contact of a trade show that makes a difference.

Conquer Public Speaking Nerves

If you have difficulty engaging others in conversation, now is the time to put that fear to rest for good. It’s all about perspective, says Psychology Today. Instead of focusing on ways to avoid embarrassment or stumbling over your words, put your energy into ways to succeed at talking about your company.

Asking, “Can I help you?” isn’t the right approach, as InterNACHI says you should lead the conversation. Any yes or no question is an opportunity for a potential customer to say, “No,” and move along. Instead, ask why they stopped by your booth. That gets them talking, which is what you want.

Starting the conversation gets easier after you’ve done it a few times. Standing instead of sitting puts you in more of a confidence position. So does practicing your introduction several times before the big day. Remember, this show is a marketing tool. You have the power to dispel myths and promote the reasons why your company is a reputable source for reliable home inspections.

Trade shows

Decompress after the show and put what you’ve learned to work for your business.

Distill the Information Afterward

Once the show is over, you still have work to do. You’ll want to file the names and information of contacts that you made, and replenish your stock of business cards and flyers, recommends InterNACHI. But you’ll also want to think about what went well and what didn’t.

If you had plenty of luck with a certain approach, note that for the future. Conversely, if something you tried fell flat, make a note so that you won’t try that approach again. You’ll also want to think about ways that you could improve your own experience. Were your shoes comfortable? Did you spill taco sauce down your shirt at a lunch break and wish you’d had a change?

Customer feedback, both positive and negative, is invaluable. If you ask a person his or her opinion, you’ll get a measured reply. But when given the opportunity to leave anonymous feedback, people tend to be more honest. You can get feedback through cards at the booth or with a link at your website.

Home and trade shows are your chance to shine. They help potential customers see that there’s a real, knowledgeable, trustworthy person behind home inspections. That might not equal more customers tomorrow, but it can help build your business over time.

Home inspectors wear a lot of hats besides that of the inspector. Marketing, advertising and general promotion duties fall on your shoulders, too. If you’re still only thinking about joining the ranks of home inspectors across the country, now is a great time to make the decision. Enroll now with ICA School, and you could be on your way to a new career in a matter of weeks.

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