5 Ways a Website Can Boost Your Home Inspection Business

Home inspection business

A website helps more people find you, which can lead to more customers and referrals.

Sooner or later, you’ll probably think about a website. They’re not just for big companies, and they don’t have to be a thorn in your side, either. A website is a tool. And it’s one that can help you reach more people who need a home inspection.

Here are 5 ways that a website can boost your home inspection business:

#1: Routes Potential Customers to Your Only Product

Some commercial websites have lots of different widgets and products to sell. You have one, which is a home inspection. A well-designed website keeps visitors focused and on the right path through the funnel.

If you’re not familiar with the funnel concept, its shape indicates what happens when people visit your website. The wide top represents all of the people who visit. The narrow bottom represents those who convert to paying customers. A tightly focused website routes as many people as possible through the funnel.

Home inspection business

Your website helps visitors relate to a real person instead of just a name.

#2: Gives Your Business a Real Face

The name “Bob’s Home Inspections” doesn’t say a lot about Bob. Customers need a reason and means to identify with you. Your website is the best shot you’ve got to reach the masses, short of standing on a corner handing out business cards.

When people visit your website, you have the opportunity to show your face and create a first impression. The more visitors can relate to Bob, the more likely they’ll associate the business name with the person. This is important because the home inspection industry is one where customers rarely meet you in person until after you’ve been hired.

#3: Controls Visitor Traffic

The goal of a home inspector’s website isn’t to educate visitors or entertain them. It’s to encourage them to hire you. The more opportunity site visitors have to get distracted and bored, the less likely they are to follow through.

Good website design gives visitors options, but not so many so that they’re overwhelmed with information. You can control the traffic flow when all roads on your site lead to the same place: The decision to hire you.

#4: Offers Maximum Results for a Minimum Investment

Some websites do require a significant investment to get off the ground. But that’s not necessarily the kind of website that you need. A good home inspector website is professional, tidy, straightforward, and has minimal bells, whistles or dancing pandas.

In fact, there’s a good argument for shunning fancy add-ons, says Ben Gromicko for InterNACHI. The simpler the design, the easier the site navigation. And the easier the navigation, the fewer obstacles visitors will have while deciding to hire you.

Home inspection business

Customers can find what they need at their convenience.

#5: Stays On Call 24 Hours a Day

People peruse the Internet all hours of the day and night. And when a potential customer is thinking about buying a house, early morning and nighttime hours are often used to search home listings and look for information that they’ll need.

A website greets potential customers any time they like. If it’s midnight or 6 a.m., you don’t have to be on call to talk about home inspections. Your website stands in your place.

The website police won’t make you build and maintain a presence on the Internet. But it’s smart for you to get on board with the idea. You don’t need flashing links, videos, dancing pandas or any other attention grabbing device. In fact, the simpler the better. Simplicity helps turn people who are just curious into paying customers, and that’s the real reason you’re in business in the first place.

Home inspecting is a growing industry where there’s always room for qualified, reliable professionals. Click here for a free demo and see ICA School training in action. If you decide to take the plunge, you’ll learn everything that you need to know – including marketing — on your own timeframe.

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