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Which Home Inspection Software Should You Use?

Home inspection

Paper reporting is so 20th Century. Computer-aided reporting has surpassed paper in efficiency and time saving. Plus, many software packages also include a business suite for managing everything, and not just producing reports.

There’s no shortage of reporting software on the market, and NAHI lists several that could serve you and your business well. Here are three of them, what they offer, and what their customers are saying.

By far, the finest and most technologically advanced home inspection reporting system on the market now is the Report Form Pro App from which actually allows home inspectors to finalize their entire home inspection report right from their mobile device.  This is the home inspection report that most ICA staff and graduates choose to use to perform their home inspections in the field.  Below are a few other options, but again we strongly recommend for your home inspection reporting software mobile app needs.

Home inspection

Automation frees up more of your time.

3D Inspection System

3D Inspection System is promoted as a time-saving tool that makes inspection reporting simple and easy. This software is designed as an all-in-one product that streamlines the process. Everything that you need to prepare an inspection report and send it to the customer is available using your computer or smart phone.

Features include:

  • Searchable contact database
  • Searchable jobsite database
  • Photo management
  • Invoicing
  • Contracts
  • Auto-generated report email to customer
  • Smart writing with auto-sentence generator
  • All reporting materials on one scrollable page
  • Accepts custom forms
  • Compatible with PC, Android, and Windows
  • Not natively Mac compatible

Testimonials from 3D Inspection System customers:

“Your report allows for a rating, a pre composed narrative, and / or a detailed typed in narrative and a photo for each item in the inspection. Keep up the good work. Thank you” Ed Randall, Springdale Homes & Designs.

“Service from 3D is terrific, thank you.” Bill McGraw, Securite Marine Analysis

Home Gauge

Home Gauge inspection software offers lots of premade forms for different types of inspections, from single-family and multi-family homes to commercial properties, and also includes forms for termite and other special inspections. You can print reports on-site, email to the customer, or both.

Features include:

  • Wide range of reporting forms for different situations
  • Custom form template creation
  • Wide compatibility range from Windows 8 to XP, with the exception of Win RT
  • Not natively Mac compatible
  • Website hosting through Home Gauge
  • Add photos and videos to reports
  • Attach documents and other files

Testimonials from Home Gauge users:

“Not easily impressed… but your program design and support is to be commended. Thanks for your help” cwkyle1 (Inspector)

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the HomeGauge home inspection software, it is so easy to use and the HomeGauge tours make learning to use the software fun. My clients are very pleased and impressed with my reports.” Randy McKay

Home inspection

Archived reports let you track your business.


Horizon home inspection reporting software focuses on speed or reporting and accuracy. Their system makes reporting almost foolproof, as it guides the user through the report step by step and gives an alert if there’s an omission. Horizon doesn’t state clearly whether their products are compatible with both Mac and PC, although their mobile app is compatible with the iPad.

Features include:

  • Cloud-based file storage
  • Technical reference library
  • Interactive, searchable database
  • Work and scheduling tools
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Automated contract acceptance
  • Business reporting

Testimonials from Horizon users:

“Fantastic reporting system! The best tool in any home inspector’s bag isn’t always in the bag.” Steve Love, McKenzie-Taylor Associates Ltd

“The descriptions, limitations, recommendations, and the added feature of implications library has sped up my report writing time by hours. Not to mention the mobile app has become my best friend at the inspection site.” Troy Owen – Owen Home Inspection.

Computer-aided reporting is here and likely to stay. It makes your job easier, saves time and helps you work more efficiently. One thing to remember is system compatibility. If you’re a Mac user, many software packages are not compatible unless you run a dual system with Windows for Mac.

Home inspections are always evolving. The inspections themselves evolve as building materials, methods, and code regulations change. And reporting evolves along with technology. If you’re not already a home inspector, now is a great time to start. You could train to be one in just a few weeks. Click here and enroll now, and earn your certification at your own pace.

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