Home Inspection Classes CA: Self-Paced Works

Home inspection

Self-paced study lets you keep your life on track.

California residents thinking about a career in home inspection have more than just your average options. A growing education choice in any field, especially inspections, is self-paced. This doesn’t mean students are left to sink or swim. It only means that flexibility is integral to the program. So students can control how and when they study.

ICA School is a top-ranked, self-paced program that trains and certifies inspectors in California and around the country. Here’s what to expect from this cutting edge program:

Keep Your Day Job

Probably the biggest appeal of self-paced study is that it doesn’t interfere with your usual routine. You can keep the job you’re already working, so your daily life doesn’t have to be a sacrifice that you barely make it through.

This is a big plus, since many students in traditional classroom settings often have to choose between keeping the bills paid and getting an education. Self-paced study online lets you keep your current commitments while you broaden your horizons.

Home inspection

ICA School training fits around your life.

Study Course Materials on Your Own Time

Self-paced home inspector training is just that. If you work a regular 9-5 job, you can study electrical or plumbing when you might otherwise be watching TV in the evenings. If your kids have soccer practice on Saturdays at noon, you can study from the bleachers until practice is over.

Studying on your own time helps lift some of the pressure that traditional study brings. There are no deadlines. If something comes up, as life has a way of doing, you can pause and then pick back up and move ahead later.

Get Live Help When You Need It

You’re never alone through your home inspection training, at least not when you don’t want to be. All it takes is a phone call, and you’re in touch with a professional home inspector who also happens to be an instructor.

You might have heard that California higher education statistics show online study results sometimes lag behind brick and mortar study. But that’s where ICA School shines. When you need help, it’s there.

Home inspection

Complete coursework anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Watch Inspectors Performing the Job via Video Lessons

ICA School is different from other home inspector training courses in a lot of ways. But one of the biggest is instructor-led video lessons. This isn’t just a prerecorded lecture format. It’s a real inspector walking you through the course materials and showing you how the job is done.

There’s a big difference between reading about how to inspect a roof or plumbing system and seeing an inspection taking place. ICA School is the next best thing to being on-site with an inspector.

Complete the Course and Become Certified

After all of your hard work, the next step is certification. Although California doesn’t require licensure or certification, it’s never a bad idea. It’s also a requirement if you want to join any of the national home inspector associations or the California Real Estate Inspector Association, also known as CREIA.

CREIA might be state-level, but it’s also one of the oldest and most prestigious home inspector associations in the country. In fact, the CREIA Standards of Practice for home inspectors are part of the model used by other organizations everywhere. With certification through ICA School, you’re one step closer to joining this group of professionals.

Self-paced home inspector training works. It’s that simple. And if you’re wondering whether a nationwide training program that’s based in another state is really the right path for you, check out this testimonial:

“With your school being located in the Midwest and I’m in Southern California I was afraid your course wouldn’t cover the type of construction we have out here. Even after talking to you guys and being reassured that it would, I was still a little unsure. You guys did exactly what you said you were going to and for that I thank you. There’s a lot of crap out there online these days and sometimes you never know, but I’m more than happy!” – Aaron from North Hollywood, CA

ICA School has the tools and resources that you need to become a successful home inspector in California. Because it’s self-paced, there’s really no better time than now to enroll.

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