A Florida Home Inspection License is Only the Beginning

Florida home inspection

It’s up to you to set yourself apart from the rest.

A home inspection license in Florida might be the start of your new career, but there’s more that you can to do set yourself apart. The state won’t require additional measures. So that decision rests on your shoulders.

Home inspectors are Lone Rangers to a certain degree. Unless you work for an inspection company or have employees of your own, chances are you spend all of your work days on your own. You might meet with clients, but then again you might not. Membership in a home inspection organization can help you

Florida’s Inspector Requirements Aren’t Stringent

Florida has licensure and insurance requirements for home inspectors. However, grandfathering, which ended in 2010, allowed inspectors who were already working in the industry to skip the pre-license education requirements. As for insurance, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation explains that proof of insurance isn’t required. All that’s needed is a signature.

Naturally many home inspectors in Florida are above-board. But InterNACHI founder, Nick Gromicko, said at Angie’s List that the education requirements Florida has in place now are so low, they effectively lower the bar from what’s the norm through the rest of the country.

Florida home inspection

A little extra work beyond the minimum can pay off big dividends.

Setting Yourself Apart in the Industry

Licensing requirements in Florida aren’t really a hurdle, and some inspectors may or may not actually have insurance. So the minimum requirements aren’t the prestige for you or the peace of mind for customers that they might have been. But there is a way for you to set yourself apart. Bob Koning, of the Contractor’s Institute, says one way is to earn a residential contractor’s license in addition to licensure for home inspecting.

But another way, and one that benefits you throughout your career, is joining a national home inspection associations, such as ASHI, NAHI, and InterNACHI. To become a certified member of InterNACHI, for example, you must pass their inspector exam, complete a Code of Ethics course and Residential Standards of Practice course, and many other requirements. Within the first year, you must also fulfill numerous course requirements. Then every 3 years, you must re-take the inspection exam and pass it with a score of 80 or above.

Florida home inspection

Meetings and conferences help you stay connected and keep learning more about the industry.

Why Home Inspection Associations Help

When you have membership in a national association, you have access to a host of benefits, all of which are designed to support you in your career. There’s the networking that you can participate in at meetings, use of association logo materials on business cards, customer leads, professional ID cards, and certain protections.

From a customer’s point of view, this can set you apart. Where there’s one inspector who is licensed and another who is licensed and holds professional certifications, which one is more likely to get the job? Over time, this can become a real reputation builder that helps you grow your business.

Licensing in Florida was intended to help protect home owners. And because they aren’t the professionals in the industry, there’s little way to know which inspector is the right one. It’s up to you to provide evidence that you’ve gone the extra mile.

Many home inspectors who work on their own and don’t belong to an association are perfectly qualified, good inspectors. But there’s no way for home owners to know that for sure. Your efforts to obtain more certifications and adhere to a code of ethics and professional practices gives you an upper hand. It helps the customer, and it helps your business.

ICA School has the home inspector training that can set you on your way. It meets your pre-licensing requirements, and you’ll receive certification when you complete the course. And because we’re affiliates of two national associations, ASHI and NAHI, your membership requirements won’t be an issue. Enroll now in our online training course, and start a brand new and rewarding career in the Florida home inspection industry.

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