After California Home Inspector Training, Think About CRIEA

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Home inspectors often lead solitary work lives, but association membership gives you a sense of community.

Completing your home inspector training through ICA School is something to cheer about. But don’t rest on your laurels just yet; you have a support network that’s waiting and has already helped many California home inspectors grow their business and create a culture of professionalism throughout the state.

The California Real Estate Inspection Association, also known as CREIA, is one of the oldest and most reputable in the country. Membership is completely optional, so you won’t have to join to go to work in California. But with so many benefits for so little of your time, there’s really no reason not to.

What CREIA Offers to Members

Without benefits, there’d be no reason to join any association. But the list of perks that CREIA members have access to make membership a smart decision. One facet is their commitment to the ethical practices and continued education of home inspection professionals.

Members have Standards of Practice and a code of ethics set forth by CREIA. These help promote consistency in the industry. You’ll also find a community forum where you can interact with other members, which can be an invaluable resource. There are CREIA chapter education programs, California Department of Real Estate-approved seminars, exams, and even ride-along programs.

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Anywhere you have Internet access, you can build your professional network through CREIA.

How Your Business Benefits from Membership

CREIA requires regular dues, compliance with the ethics code and Standards of Practice, and a commitment to earn 30 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every year. In exchange, you get tools to make yourself a better inspector and to help your business thrive. The CREIA logo on your business cards and website is a sign to the community that you live and work to a higher standard, and membership gives you the privilege to use it.

You’ll also have access to monthly press releases, contracts and forms, brochures in English and Spanish, access to State and local expos, and regular meetings. You have use of a CREIA traveling booth for expo use, media interviews, trade magazine subscriptions, annual conferences, marketing tips and articles, and reference materials. And that’s really just the beginning.

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Real estate professionals and educators can also join.

Why Others Also Benefit from CREIA

In addition to inspector members, membership with CREIA is available to other industry-related persons at different levels. There’s the affiliate membership, Premium Educational Affiliate Membership, and Premium Affiliate Membership. Each level has access to different tools.

Joining CREIA makes good sense both for you as a home inspector and for your business as a service to the community. There, you’ll have a wealth of valuable materials at your disposal and always stay challenged to improve.

You can go to work as a California home inspector with just your training under your belt, but that’s selling yourself short. This state association is there as an expansive support network. There’s no reason not to join, and so many reasons why it’s a smart choice.

If you’re still working through the decision making process of whether home inspecting is right for you, there’s one way to be sure. Get a free demo and see for yourself what makes ICA School different and better than so many others. Once you complete our course, you’ll be ready to join the ranks of home inspectors all over California as a CREIA member.

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