Home Inspection Training in California: What to Expect

Home inspection training

In just a few weeks, or longer if you like, you can become a home inspector in California.

From the California coast to every other state in the country, men and women have looked to ICA School for the home inspection training that they need to join the ranks of qualified, certified inspectors. No matter where you live, we can teach you how to become the best inspector that you can be.

Training through ICA School is one of the smartest decisions that you can make for your career. Our technology is cutting edge, our materials are always up to date, and once you complete the course, you’ll be ready and able to perform home inspections in your community and beyond.

ICA School Offers a Paced Program

Some people put off training because they can’t afford to stop working or don’t have a flexible enough schedule to attend regular classes. With ICA School, you don’t have to do either. Our paced program lets you study when you can, so that your everyday life doesn’t suffer. Complete the course sooner, or take your time. It’s your choice.

Home inspection training

Online training means you can fit education into your own schedule.

All of Your Training is Online

Online training is what makes our paced program work. All of our course materials are accessible online, and you can log in to study and take exams without ever having to attend a brick-and-mortar school. That saves you time and hassle.

Detailed Videos Show Home Inspection in Action

One of the most important elements of ICA School home inspection training is our instructor-led video. This feature allows you to see your instructor in action. Instead of merely listening to a recorded lecture, you’ll see the different parts of a home inspection as they are performed. Nothing is left a mystery.

Home inspection training

Your success depends on your level of commitment.

Access to Reference Materials Enhances Your Training

In addition to the materials that you need to complete our course, you’ll have access to supplemental materials. These materials not only go into more detail, but also help prepare you for a broader scope of work. For example, if you want to specialize in California mold or radon inspections, our reference library gives you a good foundation. And you can access it at any time.

Contact with a Real Instructor Means Less Confusion

Unlike some online training programs, ICA School instructors are available to answer any questions that you might have. If you’re confused about a segment of the training, such as electrical or plumbing, you can speak directly with a home inspector who can clarify whatever need. And if you encounter a problem with the technical side of the program, we can help with that, too. You’re never stranded on your own.

Certification Sets You Up for Association Membership

After training, many home inspectors want to join an association. In California, the big one is the California Real Estate Inspection Association, or CREIA. CREA requires all members to hold a home inspector certification. And ICA School issues certification once you successfully complete the course.

California residents have a few different avenues for becoming a home inspector. The state doesn’t require certification and it doesn’t offer licensing. But with certification through ICA School, you’ll have more opportunities for growth, both as a business owner and a member of the growing community of qualified home inspectors.

If you’re still mulling it over, get a free demo and see firsthand what makes ICA School training so different. Once you’re ready, we can help prepare you for a rewarding career that’s only limited by your own ambition.

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