Home Inspection Certification Benefits in California

Home inspection certification

Through your certification, your customers gain peace of mind.

If you’re living in California and want a home inspection certification, you might be a bit relieved to learn that your state has some of the most relaxed requirements in the country. But that shouldn’t be taken as a sign that you can relax with your training. If anything, it’s a reason for you to work and stand out from the crowd.

Certification Alone Sets You Apart

California doesn’t require licensing of home inspectors. It also doesn’t require certification. However, if you successfully train through ICA School, you will receive a certification, which sets you ahead of inspectors who merely decide to go to work inspecting residential properties.

In a market where just about anyone can decide to be a home inspector and set out to do just that, anything that you can do to stand a little taller is a good thing. Certainly anyone who wants to inspect homes may at least try. But the credentials and reputation of a certified inspector helps build a thriving business.

Home inspection certification

Training is the one hurdle that could stand between you and obtaining insurance.

To Carry Insurance, You Need Certification

Anyone working as a home inspector needs insurance. Errors and Omissions insurance, also called E&O, is the bare minimum to protect you against some home owner claims in case of an accidental error or omission in your inspection and reporting. But obtaining insurance without proof of education or long-term experience might be tricky.

Insurance companies assess the risk involved before they issue policies. An inspector with no experience in the field and no home inspection training is a definite risk. But an inspector who is certified shows the insurer that you’ve taken measures to secure the right training that reduces their risk.

Membership in CREIA is an Important Step

The California Real Estate Inspection Association, also known as CREIA, is one of the oldest and best established home inspection associations in the country. Membership in this association gives you access to a host of continuing education opportunities and other benefits, but just anyone can’t join.

CREIA membership requires training, adherence to their ethics code, and to their Standards of Practice. And their model was part of the foundation for ethics and Standards used across the country. If you want membership in CREIA and all of the benefits that it affords, you’ll need to be certified. ICA School is an affiliate of CREIA, so your training here is the right choice.

Home inspection certification

CREIA and national association memberships help make you a better inspector.

National Association Membership Adds to Your Credentials

In addition to CREIA at the state level, you have national associations where you can gain membership. But again, certification is a requirement. Just as ICA school is an affiliate member of CREIA, we’re also NAHI and ASHI affiliates.

NAHI is the National Association of Home Inspections, and ASHI is the Americal Society of Home Inspectors. Both associations offer benefits that help you not only network with other professionals in the industry and use industry-related tool, but also help you grow your business.

Home inspectors in California might not have the strictest requirements of any state, but the opportunity to rise above the crowd is no less important. If anything, it’s more so. For a potential customer’s point of view, there’s a choice. One inspector might have some experience. But without proof of training, E&O insurance and membership in a prestigious association, the customer is risking the integrity of his home inspection. When an inspector has those credentials, the customer can relax knowing that his home is in good hands.

ICA School gives you the training that you need to become a solid home inspector in California. And with certification, so many more doors open up. Enroll now, and start on the path toward your new career today.

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