3 Ways CREIA Boosts Your California Home Inspection Training

Home inspection

You’ll spend a lot of time on your own, but association membership places you in a community.

Founded in 1976, the California Real Estate Inspection Association, also known as CREIA, operates as a non-profit trade association with continuing education courses, standards of practice, and a code of ethics that rivals that of any national-level organization. When you join CREIA, you become part of a group that’s known across the country for its commitment to promoting the home inspection industry with professionalism.

Inspectors in California aren’t required to join CREIA or any other association. But it’s a very good idea. You’ll learn from some of the best, make new professional friends, and have much needed support in this lone wolf industry.

Here are a few reasons why membership can take your training to the next level:

#1: Leadership and High Standards

CREIA is committed to promoting high standards and leadership principles among its members and throughout the industry. California has few regulations for home inspectors. For example, there’s no licensing requirement. But membership with this organization doesn’t necessarily come easy.

CREIA requires not only certification, but also passing the National Home Inspector Exam and their proprietary ethics test, regular continuing education, regular meeting attendance, ride-alongs with certified trainers, and more. California might not require a lot of home inspectors, but CREIA makes up for it.

Home inspection

If you encounter a problem on a job, your fellow members can help you sort it out.

#2: Networking and Business Support

Working as a home inspector is famously a solo job. You won’t work on a crew, and you may rarely see other inspectors on a daily basis. But at your regular chapter meetings and conferences, you can meet peers, interact with other professionals in the industry, learn what’s new, and even exchange “war stories.”

CREIA also helps support your business by offering the use of its logo on your promotional materials, as long as your membership is current. And with the online forum, you have access to peers day or night.

Home inspection

Chapter meetings and state conferences help you stay on top of the industry.

#3: Chapters Across California

No matter where you live in California, chances are there’s a chapter not far away. It has a centralized organizational structure, but CREIA makes it easier to stay involved. You won’t have to travel halfway across the state just to attend a meeting.

All levels of members, from candidates on up the totem pole, are welcome at meetings. You don’t have to be a board member or hold any office at all to gain something valuable from membership. When you join, you become part of their large and growing network.

The California Real Estate Inspection Association exists for you and other home inspections like you. You might organize your business as a sole proprietorship or a single-owner LLC, but you’re never really alone. At least not if you don’t want to be.

The benefits of CREA membership emerge throughout your career. You’ll have decades of experience and commitment to excellence standing behind you, which is never a bad thing.

ICA School can give you the education that you need to walk ahead in the industry and gain important association memberships that enhance your whole career. If you’re ready to get started on the next exciting phase in your life, enroll now. Soon, you’ll have a membership card of your own.

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