What to Expect from ICA School’s Home Inspector Marketing Course

Home inspector

Without marketing, your business might as well be invisible.

Marketing isn’t just for major corporations. All businesses, at least the successful ones, use marketing in one form or another. But marketing skills aren’t something that you’re born with. They must be taught. And that’s one more way that ICA School is different. We don’t stop at teaching home inspections, we help you create a business that thrives.

With marketing, you have more control over your earnings. We’ll teach you how to jump-start your business with techniques that help right now, some that pay off a little later, and others that yield results in the long term.

Why You Need Marketing Skills

You might think that training is complete once you know how to inspect residential property. Not so. You can be the best inspector in the world, but if no one knows about you, your business will suffer. That’s if it ever gets off the ground at all.

ICA School’s home inspector course includes marketing because that’s how you build your business. Unless you plan to hire an outside marketing firm, which can cost a lot of money, you’ll need to learn how to manage it yourself. Fortunately, our program explains all of the ins and outs in clear, concise terms.

Home inspector

Inspection skills are important, but they’re only part of a complete strategy.

What ICA School Can Teach You

Marketing includes good old fashioned face-to-face communication with people you meet, as well as reaching out to the community in different ways.You’ll learn why appearances and performance are as important as any print ad, and why that matters to prospective customers.

Belief in yourself is the cornerstone of all marketing. Without it, all of your best efforts will fall flat. That’s why we explain the six most prominent characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, how to cultivate them, and common pitfalls to avoid. We teach focused marketing and why it works, as well which specific techniques usually work with the different people that you want to reach.

Home inspector

Technology helps you reach potential customers 24 hours a day.

How Technology Helps

As a home inspector, you might think that the only pieces of technology you need are a cell phone and a computer for writing reports. But you’re missing out on a wealth of marketing opportunity if that’s where your tech skills end. It’s worth it to stay up to date and learn to use every tool that’s at your disposal.

For example, we’ll show you why it’s so important to have a good website and use social media in all of its many forms, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Yelp. Your customers use these outlets regularly, so you’ll want to make it easy on them by improving your visibility everywhere they spend time. Email marketing is another way to reach thousands of potential customers. And if you can commit to the upkeep, it’s also a good idea to start a home inspection blog. We’ll show you how.

Marketing isn’t just one thing. It’s a collection of tools and skills that you can use to help drive your business forward and earn more money. You want to be a great inspector. That’s why you’ll enroll in the first place. But the most highly trained inspector in the world won’t earn much money if nobody knows that he’s in business at all.

ICA School understands how important marketing is, and that’s why our home inspector course goes the extra mile. If you’re ready to start another exciting chapter in your life, enroll now and start learning how to be a great inspector and a well-rounded business person.

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