What is a HUD Home Inspection?

HUD home inspection

HUD believes that affordable housing should be available to everyone.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, more commonly known as HUD, helps people who need assistance find housing that’s both decent and affordable. Part of determining which properties qualify is the HUD home inspection.

Although HUD inspectors may perform these inspections, privately owned inspection companies might also. A HUD inspection is a little bit different from what you might be accustomed to. Here’s why it’s important for you need to know:

HUD Sets Strict Standards

Low-income housing might not be the fanciest, but HUD sets fairly strict requirements for any property to qualify. The Housing Choice Voucher Program allows families to choose their own living arrangements, as long as the home meets HUD standards. These standards are known as basic Housing Quality Standards, or HQS.

HQS sets the standard of quality, which HUD has determined is the minimum necessary for the health and safety of residents. While the standards might not be high, they are strict. They apply to apartments and single-family homes, as well as shared housing in group environments.

HUD home inspection

An inspection ensures that all HUD-approved properties meet basic human needs.

Standards Cover Basic Needs

HUD inspections are required to evaluate a residence based on 13 requirements. According to the HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook, these are:

  • Sanitary facilities;
  • Food preparation and refuse disposal;
  • Space and security;
  • Thermal environment;
  • Illumination and electricity;
  • Structure and materials;
  • Interior air quality;
  • Water supply;
  • Lead-based paint;
  • Access;
  • Site and neighborhood;
  • Sanitary condition; and
  • Smoke Detectors.

Although the inspector must report on those requirements, he is also expected to use good judgment when reporting possible hazards. For example, if a hazard exists in an area that is not required to be inspected, HUD expects the inspector to decide whether or not it’s important to note. Conversely, if a possible hazard would only be a danger in the presence of children, the inspector may decide to omit it. You can read in depth about HUD inspection requirements at the guidebook link above.

HUD home inspection

HUD is looking for more than a few good men and women.

Who Can Perform HUD Inspections

The Department of Housing and Urban Development accepts inspectors from different backgrounds, but they must first complete the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspection training. This training course is designed to teach existing inspectors how to conform to HUD standards. It’s not a program for people without inspection experience.

People who are interested in pursuing work as a HUD inspector can find out more about the process here. It’s a somewhat lengthy process, and there are state deadlines to meet. Contact information for the program can be obtained by emailing OnlineTrainingRegistration@hud.gov

The Department of Housing and Urban Development helps low-income families find and secure safe, affordable housing. The key ingredient is “safe,” and it’s only through an inspection that a home can be approved.

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