3 Inspection Reporting Systems to Check Out

Inspection reporting systems

Good inspection reporting software helps you build your business.

Home inspection software can make your life easier, or it can make you long for the days where a clipboard and ink pen were the pinnacle of technology. The industry as a whole supports digital inspection reporting software, but the field is wide open. Just because it’s designed for inspectors doesn’t mean it’s user-friendly.

That’s why ICA School has surveyed what’s on the market and made a few selections that you might want to check out. We’re not saying that they’re the best. But we are saying that they have what you need, and in a format that’s less challenging to learn and use on the job.

Here are three worth looking into:

#1: IQ6000

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

The IQ6000 system promote simplicity and ease of operation over bells and whistles. The name “IQ6000” was derived from “intuitive” and “quick” reporting. Designed to work whether or not you have wifi access or a dedicated Internet connection, which is most work sites. And although this is a pay-per-report software, purchasing the volume that you need in advance lets you generate reports without being connected.

Some pros listed by the company:

    • Simple photo and text editing
    • Pdf conversion direct to email, printer or disc
    • Accessible database for reports
    • Accessible database for industry professionals
    • No setup or upgrade fees.
    • Pay as you go (in bulk or monthly)

Pricing is outlined clearly at the IQ6000 website, and you can view sample reports to see firsthand what to expect here.

#2: ReportHost

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

A web-based reporting software, ReportHost is popular among inspectors because there’s no software to buy and install. It’s all hosted online, so all that you have to do is access it using your mobile device. One drawback to this, of course, is that if you use a laptop computer you’ll need a personal wifi hotspot to connect to the website and use the system.

ReportHost offers these benefits:

    • 10 free inspection reports
    • Free tablet software for a wide range of devices
    • Upgrades and support are included
    • Customizable templates
    • Online document hosting
    • Customizable business home page

ReportHost is designed to make professional looking reports simple, and online hosting means you only need to access the host to use it. You can try out this software using a guest account here, but the trial won’t allow you to save or publish work from the trial session.

#3: Home Inspection Report Kit

Compatibility: Windows, Probably Mac

A straightforward inspection reporting software, as well as a fairly straightforward website, is Home Inspection Report Kit. There are absolutely no bells and whistles at the site, but there is a lot of text to read through. Simply put, this software is designed to be basic and to the point. In fact, it’s not really software at all, but rather a set of document files to print out and fill in by hand. If you prefer handwritten reports but want a customized, professional-looking form, Home Inspection Report Kit is for you.

Home Inspection Report Kit offers:

    • Customizable cover page
    • Forms for agreements and all inspection areas
    • Basic, easy-to-use format
    • Report modification file
    • One-time fee
    • Reference materials for common inspector notes

Home Inspection Report Kit does not support attached images. It’s designed to be printed before a job and filled out by hand on site. If this basic method of reporting appeals to you, the kit promises to cover everything that you need.

Inspection reporting

Most reporting software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and different tablets these days, but check to be sure before you download.

Your report says a lot about your business. As an inspector, you need a professional image. The report that you hand over or email to your customer speaks volumes about the type of work that you do.

Whether you want software to install and use offline, hosted software that doesn’t clutter up your computer, or the basic function of a printed and handwritten report, there’s something for you in one of these options.

ICA School is committed to helping educate home inspectors and support them afterward. If you’re ready to make a career change for the better, enroll now. In as little as a few weeks, you could be writing that first report for a customer of your own.

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