Marketing Yourself to an Educated Customer Base


The right information is really what makes customers happy.

Is your marketing strategy killing your chances of standing out? Unfortunately for a lot of inspectors, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Your target customer base might not know how to inspect a house, but they do know a little something about the inspection process. So do yourself and them a favor – use your valuable marketing budget more effectively. Use it to make a real name for yourself.

Customers are Much More Savvy Today

The home inspection industry began because so few people had enough information about the inner workings of a house to make an educated buying choice. But people buy and sell houses more often now, so chances are your customers have worked with an inspector before.

The Internet has also brought information to the masses. Customers have a wealth of resources at their disposal, including ratings services such as Angie’s List. But with all of this information and experience at their disposal, there’s one thing that can’t be generalized. That’s which inspector is the best one to hire.


Marketing dollars well spent have a better chance of coming back to you.

Misused Marketing is Wasted Money and Effort

When inspectors overstate the obvious, that’s like a shoe salesman explaining how to manage lace ups. Of course customers will need to lace their shoes. But chances are, they already know how. Working RE magazine says our potential customers already know that you’ll inspect the roof, the foundation, the basement, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Your job is to tell them what they don’t already know.

Focusing on the obvious is a waste of your time and theirs, and it’s a waste of your good marketing dollars. A flyer with a diagram of every inspection point on a house won’t be used as a reference; it’ll probably be tossed in the trash with at least (hopefully) your business card saved.


It might take a little research, but you’ll turn up at least a few areas where you’re the better inspector.

Find Your Perfect Marketing Niche

So what is it about you and your business that’s unique, or at least rare or special? That’s what you need to focus on. The way to find that out is to study your competition. Are you available for a wider range of weekday hours? Do you work on weekends? How fast is your report turn-around time? Anything that sets you apart from the competition in a good way is where your marketing attention needs to be.

Customers don’t care about refrigerator magnets anymore, and they already expect you to protect them from buying a house with problems. Discover what makes you different and promote the heck out of that. If you can’t find a gap in the industry that only you can fill, then find something that your competition is doing, and do it better. Marketing is about finding why you’re at the top of the game and then letting everyone know.

Home buyers aren’t naive anymore, so they don’t need a sales pitch about the parts of a house that you inspect. Most of them already know, or they at least have a good idea. What they really need is the best value for their money, and you have the opportunity to provide it.

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