Refocus Your Home Show Approach

Home shows

Refocus Your Home Show Approach

Home shows bring loads of homeowners together, and real estate is your bread and butter. So it makes sense that you’d want to participate once in a while. But there’s a problem. You’re in the business of selling home inspections, and home shows are more like window shopping. Most of the time, inspections just don’t sell at a show.

So how can you take advantage of meeting a big cross section of your customers while still fitting in with the established environment? You’ll have to alter your approach.

Focus Your Booth Display

You can’t be all things to all people, at least not while expecting to do any of it well. The best home show approach is to focus on generating interest and leads instead of selling a service. That’s not always easy, and it takes a bit of selling in its own right.

The big issue with selling home inspections at a show is that most attendees are home owners who aren’t looking to buy or sell. They’re looking for home improvement ideas. And there’s your niche.

Where improvement is on a home owner’s mind, you have an avenue for making your inspection important. Do they need a termite inspection? Is there a problem with mold or radon? Help customers think of reasons why they need a home inspection, and help them understand why it’s important. Photos of a termite colony or a mold sample in a jar might do the trick, says ASHI Reporter.

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