Your Home Inspection Course: What to Expect

Home inspection course

Learning online makes inspector training fit into your lifestyle.

Thinking about enrolling in ICA School’s home inspection course? You’re making a great choice. Our program is one of the most comprehensive on the market, and it’s available to you in a convenient format. Study when you can, learn at your own pace, and never feel rushed to meet a deadline.

You’re probably wondering what you’ll learn, and the short answer is “A lot!” We teach everything from detailed home inspection process information to marketing, from report writing to the legal aspects of the job, and everything in between.

Here’s what you can expect:

A Day in the Life of a Home Inspector

One of the first things that you’ll learn with ICA School’s home inspector training is what a day in the life of a home inspector is like. This gives you a general feel for the work, how it’s performed, and what constitutes reasonable expectations of the inspector.

Expect to study things such as how many inspections most inspectors perform in a day, whether it can evolve into full-time work, the physical demands of the job, and how much paperwork you’ll have to manage. You’ll also learn about marketing, which is critical for making your business grow, and all of the legal aspects of the job.

Home inspection course

Through video courses, you’ll see firsthand how to perform inspections.

What do Home Inspectors Do?

Understanding what inspectors do during an inspection is integral to understanding the job as a whole. First and foremost, inspectors create a written report for the customer. This report gives detailed information about what was found during the inspection.

Naturally, the report only happens as a result of inspecting different elements of a building. It’s not unlike getting a checkup from your doctor. You’ll learn about what you can do, such as visually inspect specific components of the structure, and what you can’t, such as move furniture, cut into walls, or otherwise alter the customer’s property in order to inspect.

What Do Inspectors Refrain From?

Home inspectors don’t put themselves in harm’s way at any time. If a crawlspace is too low or a roof is too steep, you’re not required to crawl under or climb up. Likewise, if any element in the building appears to be unsafe, the inspector doesn’t touch it.

Additionally, inspectors don’t operate circuit breakers or open and close main water valves. Perhaps most importantly, inspectors don’t issue advice except to refer the customer to a specialist. For example, you’ll learn that when a problem is detected, the inspector doesn’t quote a repair cost or try to determine how long a damaged or worn component might last.

Requirements for Home Inspectors

Many, but not all, states require licensing for home inspectors. If your state does, you’ll find out where to apply for licensure and what the requirements might be. ICA School meets the training portion of the requirements for all states.

Another important part of home inspection training is preparation for exams. Once you’ve completed your ICA School training, you’ll have a solid foundation for passing the national home inspector exam and any other that you might be required to take.

Home inspection course

Home inspectors have a defined scope of work, and we teach you what that means.

Home Inspector Standards of Practice

All of the dos and don’ts of home inspecting revolve around Standards of Practice. There are different Standards for different locations as well as through different national and state associations. If you join one of these organizations, you’ll be expected to comply.

The Standards explain in depth what is and is not required of a home inspector. ICA School teaches what’s most common across the country, which helps you know what to expect from the Standards that you’ll follow in your area.

Home inspecting can be a rewarding career, and it all begins with your education. You don’t need a background in construction, because we teach you everything that you need to know to get started. You don’t have to commit to a deadline, because our program is designed with flexibility in mind. Study when you can, advance when you’re ready.

If you’re ready to make a real change, enroll now. Our online home inspection training course will prepare you for the next phase of your working career.

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