Online Home Inspection Booking Means More Appointments

Online home inspection booking

Online booking makes it easier for customers to choose you.

It’s 2 a.m., you’re sound asleep, and someone somewhere needs a home inspection. No, not right then and there, but soon. How can you convince that potential customer to hire you?

Any polite customer wouldn’t call you at 2 a.m. And by the time you’re up again and getting ready for your day, so is your potential customer. Have you lost your window of opportunity? Not if you offer appointment booking 24 hours a day.

Online home inspection booking

You already use technology; online booking just steps it up a notch.

Online Booking Helps You Grow Your Business

Like it or not, technology has integrated itself into the home inspection world. Where once the job was dominated by landlines, clipboards and hard copies, now it’s cell phones, software, digital imaging, and emailed reports.

That’s great for customers and great for you. And if there’s one thing about technology, where it exists it will also get better. Such is the case with online home inspection booking. With the right software, anyone can hire you and schedule a home inspection at a time that’s convenient for them. And because the software keeps track, you won’t double book.

You’ll Probably Need a Good Website First

Websites are another element of technology that you can’t escape. You don’t need a fancy one, but you do need to claim you space online. That’s where they expect to find you. Once you have a website, then you can integrate online booking.

If you’re intimidated by the idea, you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of options for the novice. Check out PC Magazine‘s top web hosting services for 2015. All of them let you build your site using WordPress, which is almost plug-and-play easy. WordPress formats everything for you. All you have to do is choose from their pre-made templates and then personalize them as you like.

Online home inspection booking

There’s no shortage of scheduling software; the hard part might be choosing the one that you like best.

Where to Find Online Booking Software

NAHI recommends InspetionSupportNetowork specifically. They’ve got a suite of software that can do anything from online booking to sending mass emails, generating business reports, individual customer emails, and a lot more.

If you’d rather shop for something different, there are plenty on the market. PC World and PC Magazine are both great resources for comparing different booking software packages. Some are quite simple, and some go the extra mile wit credit card processing and accounting services. It’s really up to you and how automated you’d like to become.

You probably have at least semi-regular working hours, and few (of any) of them are spent in an office. You’re on the road, you’re on a job, and you may or may not have cell phone service in any of those places.

When a customer can’t reach you, he might just move to the next home inspector on his list. But with online booking, you never have to lose an appointment again. Even if it’s 2 a.m. on a Sunday night.

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