4 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Home Inspection Business

Home inspection business

Social media isn’t just for corporate promotions; it’s also for small businesses like yours.

There seem to be two camps when it comes to social media for building your business. In one camp, there are the folks who use it regularly. And in the other, there are those who aren’t really sure whether it might work. If you fall into the latter, you’re really missing out.

What can social media do for you? Probably the most important thing is shining a light on your home inspection business in a positive way. But that’s really just the beginning.

Here are 4 ways that you can use social media to make your business better:

#1: Control Your Reputation

Reputation management is a big deal these days. If you don’t have an online presence, chances are you will in time. That’s true, whether or not you’re the one who cultivates it. Orange Fox, a website services company, explains even if you don’t use social media at all, you’re not necessarily safe.

The trick is to take charge of your online reputation. That way, your customers have a way to reach out to you, and you have the ability to interact with them publicly. It might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if all that you have is either a Facebook or Twitter account, that’s still a great first step.

#2: Get Your Name Out There

Advertising can make or break any business, including yours. The great thing about social media promotion is that it can be free, or nearly free. Through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can have a social presence and make regular announcements without spending a fortune on traditional advertising.

Advertising rarely works on the first try. It’s through consistent, regular communication with your audience that a message finally takes hold. Because social media can be free or very low cost, you can keep your name active without making a dent in your profits for a big advertising budget.

Home inspection business

Your customers are already there, waiting for you.

#3: Find Leads Where They Socialize

The whole purpose of advertising is to grow your business. And with the wealth of possible customers using social media, there’s no shortage of possibilities. Customers expect to find businesses online. And if you’re not there, your competition probably is.

You’ll probably want a business account. For example, on Facebook you’ll want a business page. That gives you a type of home base that people can “Like” and “Follow,” and you can post regularly to. Every time you make a post, your followers see it because they’re already online. It doesn’t take much more than that to get started, and a regular, interactive presence is all that you need afterward.

Home inspection business

When you create a community, you develop professional relationships.

#4: Create a Community

Social media advertising also helps you create a social community. Your customers, business associates and potential customers can ask questions, you can answer, other people can chime in with opinions, and the conversation keeps on growing. And that’s where you find leads and customers.

A community is where your customers and potential ones learn to trust you. You might have 100 followers in a week, but none of them might need an inspection any time soon. But if you regularly provide information that they can use and make yourself available to answer questions, you’re who they’ll come to when they need a home inspection. And they’ll be more likely to recommend you to their friends.

ASHI Reporter recommends tossing out any notion that social media doesn’t work for home inspectors. With about a billion Facebook users, and millions each on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, you’ve got a great prospective pool.

You don’t need to spend hours on end with social media, either. Checking in once a day might be enough, at least in the beginning. The important thing is taking advantage of advertising and reputation management. It’s right at the heart of where your customers are, and it might not cost even a penny.

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