3 Signs That Your Business Needs a Brand


You already have a brand reputation, especially online, so it’s up to you to manage it.

If you have a business, you already have a brand. But whether it’s a well-known brand or one that sits dusty and unnoticed on the back of a shelf is another story.

Investopedia says that brand management is a special type of marketing that boosts customer loyalty and community awareness, and supports the value in whatever a business has to offer. For you, that’s home inspections. And a good brand management strategy can help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are 3 signs that your home inspection business needs brand management:


Think of your brand as your reputation, and what encourages customers to hire you.

#1: You’re Not Sure What Brand Management Means

If all that you know about your company’s brand is contained in the first two paragraphs of this post, you definitely need a strategy. Working with the public means someone somewhere knows your name, and probably has something to say about you. Brand management gets you involved with public perception.

Your brand is really just an image. It doesn’t need an expensive logo or fleet of trucks with your name emblazoned down the side, although those things can’t hurt. If you’re not sure what your customers and business associates have to say about you or whether your standing in the community compares with other inspectors, brand management should be on your agenda.

#2: You’re Not Convinced that Your Brand Matters

Public opinion about your home inspection business begins with how you view yourself. No one knows more about what you do, so no one can create a better strategy. Even if you hired an outside company to manage your brand, they’d start by learning from you. If you’re not sure that your brand matters, you’ll have a harder time convincing anyone else.

Entrepreneur magazine says your brand is what makes people think about you when they’re in the market for a service like yours. And if you have a web presence – and you should – Google prioritizes search results from known brands.


You don’t need a windfall; a lot of resources are free or at least inexpensive.

#3: You Think Brand Management is Expensive

You don’t need a marketing department or corporate logo to have a brand. The Houston Chronicle says logos are important, but they aren’t the brand. They just represent it. Your brand is who you are; it’s your promise of good business. Brand management is the way that you weave your logo and name into the good work that you do.

Brand management starts with great customer service, but you can take it anywhere. Shoot videos and post them on YouTube. Think up a clever tagline and use it everywhere your name is seen. Start a home inspection blog to educate consumers, and update it regularly. As for your logo, Deluxe Corporation says professional design can be as affordable as $250.

A brand isn’t any one thing. It’s how your customers see you, and that includes everything from your work ethic to the logo that’s on your business cards and website. Brand management is making all of your resources work for you to the betterment of your brand.

Reputation goes a long way in the home inspection industry. That’s your brand, too. And managing it is everything that you do to boost that reputation.

Your work as a home inspector might speak for itself. But with so much competition, you have to speak a little louder to be heard above the rest. That’s what brand management is, in a nutshell. It’s using your resources — whatever they are — in a deliberate way, all toward the goal of keeping your business name on top.

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