Make Winter Home Inspections Part of Your Repertoire

Winter home inspections

With a home inspection, home owners can feel safe against winter’s worst.

Pre-sale home inspections might be your mainstay, but there’s a wider market for those with some ingenuity. Seasonal home inspections provide a great service to home owners, and now is the time to start marketing in that direction for the coming winter months.

Here’s what a winter home inspection can do for your customers:

Winter home inspections

Insulation is one of several jobs that homeowners can do on their own.

Why Pre-Winter Home Inspections Matter

Any inspection is a good thing. Most home owners aren’t especially home systems wise, so they might not know when a problem has arisen. Most are at least a little surprised by defects that an inspector finds prior to a sale. So it stands to reasons that when those problems emerged, the home owner was unaware.

Winter home inspections also help the home owner prepare for the cold months. With the information that you find, you can help home owners learn to seal air leaks, improve insulation, protect the fireplace and find other maintenance and repair tasks that are important when the temperatures dip.

Winter home inspections

The perfect time to address issues is before it’s too cold outside.

What’s in a Typical Winter Home Inspection

As a separate service from pre-sale home inspections, winter home inspections are more like a checkup specific to the season. The Edmonton Journal lists fireplaces and chimneys, ductwork, heating systems and dryer vent hoses near the top of important points to cover.

Frozen pipes are nobody’s friend, so a check of areas prone to freeze can save your customers from frozen and broken pipes plus an expensive plumber bill. Windows and doors are major sources of drafts and heat transfer, so you should include those areas in winter inspections. And of course the condition of shingles and gutters can mean the difference between a warm and dry winter and one that’s not quite as pleasant.

This Home Checkup Guides the Home Owner

Unlike a pre-sale home inspection that alerts prospective buyers to problems, a winter home checkup gives you the opportunity to educate your customers in a more one-on-one basis. You’ll still complete a report, as with any other inspection. But instead of giving a prospective buyer information for the purpose of buying or walking away, you’re helping owners protect what they’ve got.

The whole idea behind this specialized inspection is helping the home owner learn what needs to be addressed before winter settles in. And while you still might opt not to advise on repair and maintenance costs, you can reveal issues and recommend that the home owner talk with the right repair person.

The home inspection industry is filled with opportunities for you to build your business. You might live in an area where it’s difficult to keep up with the volume of inspections that you’ve got. But for a lot of inspectors, there’s no such thing as too much work. Seasonal home checkups can help you reach more customers, and that’s a good thing.

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