What Can I Expect from ICA School’s Home Inspection Course?

Home inspection course

Study at your own pace, and you can keep your day job while training to be a home inspector.

If you’re looking for the best real estate inspection training program, you wouldn’t jump in before you knew what you’re buying. There’s an investment of both time and money, neither of which you want to waste.

Our program is different, and it’s better than a lot of the options that you’ll find online. We don’t just cover the basics. We go beyond to give you a well-rounded education both in inspecting and the inspection business.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll get with ICA School:

Standards of Practice

Supporting everything that you do as a home inspector are the home inspection Standards of Practice. There’s more than one set of Standards, since they vary by which organization wrote them. They’re largely the same from one set to the next, but we give you the Standards for every major home inspection organization as well as Standards from the State of Illinois.

Standards are part of your ICA School training because they give you guidelines on how to perform your job. They cover all of the fundamentals of any home, and explain which systems you should inspect and which ones that you aren’t required to. For example, you’ll inspect what’s visible and accessible, but you aren’t required to enter any area that’s inaccessible or unsafe.

Home Hazards

Some real estate inspecting programs charge extra for training in home hazards. But with ICA School, it’s included in your tuition. Although you aren’t required to inspect for hazards in a standard inspection, this education helps you broaden your career horizons.

You’ll get mold training, and also learn about radon. Wood-Destroying organisms are also included. These inspections might be separate for your customers. With the additional training, you can offer them a much broader service than a standard inspection.

Home inspection course

With solid training on the front end, home inspectors can stay busy through market ups and downs.

Inspecting Home Systems

Much of your program covers all of the systems that home inspectors inspect. Throughout several modules, you’ll learn how to spot defects in roofs, foundations, plumbing, heating and cooling, and you’ll also learn how to detect a wide range of electrical defects.

Interiors covers a lot of ground, since it deals with everything from drywall and attics to roof sheathing and insulation. This is a big part of your training, and where you’ll spend a lot of time inspecting houses. Exteriors make up another large portion.

Starting and Running a Business

The best home inspector in the world might not do well if he doesn’t have a good set of business skills. That’s why we include business training in our ICA School program. You’ll learn about using home inspection software, keeping good business records, and how to deal with business taxes.

Marketing is a part of any profitable business, and we’ve got you covered there, too. With two modules in marketing, you’ll learn trade secrets on not just who you should market your business to, but how to go about it in the most effective way for the home inspection industry.

Home inspection course

The better your training, the more you have to offer customers.

Plenty of Extras

In addition to your home inspection training, ICA School gives you access to a lot of material to support both your education now and your career later on. You’ll get an energy audit checklist, and a four-point inspection form, as well. A Healthy Housing Manual is also included, as is a standard HUD Inspection Checklist.

Where other programs fall short, ICA School goes the extra mile. You won’t pay extra to learn about code inspections, commercial inspections, energy efficiency, fire code inspections or healthy housing, and our tuition is lower than many schools that don’t offer the same level of training.

ICA School is the right choice for anyone looking to enter the real estate inspecting industry. Another feature that makes us unique is instructor-led video lessons. You won’t just read the material, but you’ll also have video lessons that let you see and hear what home inspecting is all about.

If you’re wondering just how much better our program can really be, check it out for yourself. Get a free course demo, and we think you’ll agree that ICA School is the best school and the best value for your money and your investment of time.

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