Is There Really Room for More Home Inspectors?

Home inspectors

No matter where you are in your current career, home inspecting is a viable opportunity to build something new.

Home inspection has its proponents as well as those who say that there are just too many in the industry. But since when did a little competition mean that a goal wasn’t worth aiming for? There is work for home inspectors, and it’s getting better all the time.

Training has a lot to do with whether or not an inspector will succeed. In the early period when just starting out, it’s training that can help you rise through the ranks stronger than the competition. And later, as your business matures, training will be the foundation that you build on.

At ICA School, we firmly believe that there’s room for more inspectors. That’s what makes the industry strong.

Qualified Home Inspectors are Always Important

No matter what the market is doing, any time a house transfers ownership it needs a home inspection. And more locations are promoting that idea in an effort to encourage all buyers to protect themselves. But there’s a difference between an inspector and a qualified inspector, and real estate professionals know the difference.

Qualified home inspectors are an integral part of the real estate industry. Most agents have at least one, if not more, inspectors whom they regularly recommend to clients. A mediocre inspector won’t get a lot of business. But one with a good reputation will still find work whether the market is up or down. There might be a lot of inspectors now, but the cream always rises to the top and keeps on working.

An Inspector Drives His Own Business

Unlike an industry that’s entirely dependent on an employer, home inspectors make their own business. That means you can make it succeed or help it fall flat. That might seem illogical, especially coming out of an era where real estate experienced almost no growth to speak of. But there are ways for inspectors to grow their business.

Branching out with extra qualifications, such as hazard and disaster inspections, brings in more work. It’s all in how motivated the inspector chooses to be. Marketing is also important, and some inspectors are more motivated in that arena, too. When an inspector treats his business as something controllable, a world of opportunity opens up. Inspectors who sit and hope that the phone will ring experience a lot more difficulties than those who actively work to bring in business.

Home inspectors

Buyers in nearly every location are once again looking for real estate.

Home Sales are Steadily Increasing

Forget about the effects of the recession, because the real estate market is clearly recovering. And where more homes are selling, there’s more work to be had. Gains are reported in almost every quarter. Realtytrac says that in August of this year, sales were up 5.4 percent across the board over the same period in 2014. That was the highest increase since 2007, before the bubble burst.

Not all home inspectors held fast through the recession, either. Some abandoned ship and moved on to other industries, especially where the market was hardest hit. And now that it’s rebounding, it’s logical to believe that not all home inspectors will leave a current, profitable situation to return to the inspection business.

The bottom line is that yes, there is room for you in the home inspection industry. There’s room in your home town, surrounding areas, neighboring counties, and sometimes even across state lines. A motivated inspector can always find work through networking, marketing and simply doing a great job for customers. And now that the market is improving, even a little motivation can yield great rewards.

Still unsure about whether or not home inspecting is the right move for you? You can try out our training for free. Get a demo and see what makes ICA School so different. We go well beyond the basics and show you how to build your business so that it can thrive.

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