3 Reasons Why a Home Inspection Sells the Most Difficult Properties

Home inspection

An agent can explain the condition of a home, but your inspection makes all of the details clear.

Do you know of a haunted house that you think nobody would ever buy? Or have you seen homes in a marginal neighborhood or that are perhaps challenging for other reasons? Buyers need assurance that everything is ok before they commit to a sale. That’s where you come in.

As a home inspector, you can help sellers market houses that are challenging to sell. That makes you an integral part of the team, even more than you already are.

Here’s why:

#1: Illuminating the Unknown

A brand new house in a brand new development probably has few buyers who worry about its condition. You know that’s a flawed assumption, but it’s prevalent nonetheless. But what about a house that’s a few decades older? That’s when buyers can become a bit nervous. The fear of the unknown can turn many buyers away, making a house much more difficult to sell.

If a seller hires you for a pre-sale home inspection, his cards are all on the table when a buyer shows some interest. Even if problems are found, they know that it’s no worse than what’s in the report. Knowing what they’re up against means the buyer can make a more informed decision. It can help seller price the house more fairly, too, which also makes it more marketable.

Home inspection

Inspectors go where buyers usually don’t, so they’re naturally more informed.

#2: Clarifying the Known

Sometimes houses have a history. Some of the most beautiful homes in the country are difficult to sell if they come with a backstory that’s not exactly pleasant. Even if the house isn’t worthy of a late-night TV special, maybe the neighborhood is sketchy or there’s some other problem that makes buyers worry. A thorough home inspection can work wonders.

Urban legends, especially local ones, can range from merely amusing to downright scary. But with a home inspection, you can report that there absolutely are no bones in the basement, vampires in the attic, and that the flickering lights that kids sometimes see is just a bit of bad wiring that can easily be repaired. The owner already knows that the home is ok. A complete report lets him prove that to prospective buyers.

#3: Building Peace of Mind

The bottom line is that a home inspection equals peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if the house is old, has a scary story attached to it or if it’s just not very pretty. Green siding can be painted and brown shag carpet can be replaced. And a buyer will be more likely to consider it if she knows that the home is in good condition and only needs a cosmetic makeover.

And if the inspection reveals problems, that’s not always a bad thing. Knowledge lets the seller and buyer come to a reasonable agreement based on facts, not assumptions or misguided worries. A house that needs work but that’s listed for a fair price might be exactly what a certain buyer wants, especially if she knows the real scope of the problems.

Home inspectors don’t just report the condition of a house. They play a vital role in the real estate industry. Inspectors discover problems, report about what’s in fine shape, and paint an accurate picture of what’s really up for sale.

There’s peace of mind in knowledge, even if the knowledge isn’t great. What’s worrisome is the unknown. A good inspector can help sellers market a difficult house, and help buyers make an offer with a little more confidence.

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