More Homeowners Choose a Pre-Sale Inspection

Home inspection

Home inspectors can be a seller’s best friend.

Even with housing inventory down in a lot of markets, it’s not always easy to sell a house. That’s why many homeowners are taking repairs and spruce ups upon themselves, and then hiring an inspector to check the work before the house hits the market. A better way might be hiring an inspector first to point out what needs attention.

In either case, a pre-listing home inspection does the seller and potential buyers a lot of good. And it benefits you as another avenue for business growth.

Spring is Coming Quickly

Although houses sell any time of year,® says spring is the classic “start your engines” flag for the big selling season. The passing winter has often left a house dirty on the outside and there might also be some damage, such as a few missing shingles, that need attention.

The more work a seller can do to improve marketability before a house is listed, the better. So although it’s still technically winter, there’s no better time to find what needs work and to get started. While other sellers play catch up with repairs in the spring, you’ll be ready to roll.

Home inspection

Home owners learn a lot about their house and more about what needs attention when a home inspector leads the way.

Most Homeowners Aren’t Experts

Some defects are easy for a homeowner to spot. A leak in the attic, for example, can’t really hide if it’s been there for any length of time. Even if there’s no water present, the wood should carry a stain and insulation might be damp. But what about determining whether a leak is really a leak, and not problematic condensation?

Homeowners can usually spot the obvious signs of disrepair, but a home inspection can point out ones they might never know exist. Although inspectors don’t get too involved with the repair aspect, a good inspection points out what should be evaluated by a contractor. And® suggests information about the age of certain elements, such as the HVAC system, can help owners decide what areas of the home should get the biggest part of their fixer-upper budget.

Your Work Can Help Facilitate a Sale

The biggest benefits of a pre-sale home inspection can be distilled to one thing: They help homes sell. Buyers will hire an inspector before committing to a contract. So hoping for the best is probably not a good move for sellers. Finding real defects gives sellers the opportunity to make things right before any buyer is possibly turned off by them.

In difficult homes, this can be an even bigger plus. Some locations are harder to sell, and some houses aren’t the prettiest on the block. But knowing in advance that the house is in good shape can turn a curious, prospective buyer into an interested one.

Home inspections are a good idea for anyone who owns a house and everyone who wants to buy one. Peace of mind isn’t just found in knowing what’s perfect. It’s also derived from getting an early warning about a problem with enough time to correct it. That’s why a pre-sale home inspection is such a great idea for sellers, and a terrific way to help grow your business.

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