Is ICA School Really That Much Different?

ICA school

There are lots of online home inspecting programs, but only one with as much to offer as ICA School.

You don’t have to choose ICA School, but our training program is a smart decision. Where some programs fall short in one area or another, ours goes the extra mile at a more affordable cost.

How is that possible? It’s simple. When a program is affordable, more students can enroll. We believe that a quality education shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s part of what sets us apart from other home inspection schools. And here are a few more reasons to choose us.

You’re Never Really Alone

One of the big perks of ICA School training is that you can work at your own pace. Day or night, on your own schedule, whether you want to finish fast or take it easy, you decide when and where you study and progress through your 120-hour program. But where some paced programs leave you to sort out everything on your own, ICA School gives you access to help anytime you need it.

If you have a question, help is just a phone call away. Help doesn’t end once you’ve finished the program, either. We also offer unlimited support to ICA School graduates. That can really come in handy, since we have so many additional resources for extra study that you can keep.

Video Makes a Big Difference

Reading about home inspecting is good, but with such a hands-on job you’ll also want something more in-depth. That’s why we include instructor-led video lessons. Each of the 27 modules that you’ll complete come with a video component that’s fully narrated.

ICA School’s lead instructor is Steve Preins, who is also our Director of Education. A well-respected industry expert, Steve has taught new inspectors and more seasoned ones for over 20 years. He’s also spoken at numerous state and national home inspection association conventions. You can read more about his extensive qualifications here.

ICA school

Access reference material at any time, even after you graduate.

Get Access to Lots of Extras

Most home inspector training courses offer the same basics to get you started in your new career. But ICA School goes well beyond. Compared to 5 other well-known schools, we’re the only ones to offer:

    • Code inspection
    • Mold
    • Commercial inspection
    • Radon
    • Energy efficiency
    • Fire code
    • HUD inspection
    • Healthy housing

We also offer full access to a reference library that includes an over 5,000 page e-book on the International Building Code, plus e-books on energy audits, termite inspections, septic inspections and much more.

Learn About Starting and Running a Business

Training is great, but what will you do with it once you get your certification? ICA School goes beyond the ordinary here, too. In our program, you’ll have two modules on marketing, which offer strategies for starting and building your business as a home inspector. This teaches you about networking, advertising, and other critical aspects of owning and operating a successful home inspection business.

We also cover the legal aspects that you’ll need to know, plus other details that many inspectors have to learn the hard way. For example, you’ll learn about drafting and using pre-inspection agreements, types of insurance that you’ll need, and the basics of forming a business.

ICA School is a complete business starter course from the ground up. We offer in-depth lessons about the home systems that you’ll inspect and the types of defects that you’ll find, how to perform inspections, and how to write your reports. And because no business gets off the ground on its own, we teach you the business side of home inspecting, too.

Our program really is different, and on so many levels. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See for yourself. Get a free course demo today.

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