Social Media: You’re Doing it All Wrong

Social media

People use social media across different platforms all day every day, so be sure you’re sending the right message.

Social media for business isn’t exactly the same as a private account. You have to nurture it and tend to it. If you do, you’ll eventually start getting the leads that you want. But if you don’t, the whole idea will be a waste of your time.

Community building is what generates leads. You want your audience to be a good friend by booking an appointment and sharing your information with others. The rule is that to have a good friend you have to be a good friend. So stick to that advice, and avoid some of these common social media snafus.

Don’t Use Private Social Media Accounts for Business

You might be tempted to reach out to prospective clients through your personal social media accounts since they’re already there, but you really need business accounts from the outset. Using a private account for business use makes some clients uneasy, and it can make you look less than professional.

A business account doesn’t cost anything extra unless you buy into the extras, such as marketing tools and advertising. Using a free business account, you can build your community up from scratch. And you can continue to post about family barbecues and birthday parties without mingling business with the rest of your life.

Steer Clear of Potentially Offensive Topics

It’s election season, and boy doesn’t everyone have an opinion! If all of your clients shared the same values as you, posting about politics wouldn’t be a problem. But because some of them probably don’t, it’s best to steer clear of posting on your business social media pages about some candidates hair or which one has the latest scandal.

Try to keep your business free from anything that’s potentially offensive. That includes off-color jokes, complaints about public officials, or complaints about almost anything at all unless it directly affects your industry. Keep it friendly, and you’ll have a lot more friends.

Don’t Forget to Add Social Media Buttons on Your Website and Blog

Part of the beauty of social media is sharing across platforms. Does your blog have links to Facebook and Twitter? They should. LinkedIn is a good idea, too. Most blog platforms such as WordPress have easy-to-use link buttons that you can add in just a couple of steps.

This is important because it allows the people who read your blog to share posts on their own social media accounts. When you’re really inspired and write that brilliant post about funny noises that an HVAC unit makes, make it easier for your customers to spread the word to their friends. That’s effortless inbound marketing, and it works for getting leads and referrals.

Social media

It only takes a few minutes to log in, check for messages and send a reply or two.

Ignore Your Community at Your Social Media Peril

The thing about social media is that it really is social. The people who use it every day, who also happen to be your target audience, are accustomed to interacting. Some businesses set up a business page and even post to it regularly. But what happens when a fan leaves a comment? Does she hear crickets?

Regular interaction is what makes a social community grow. Without it, your audience will lose interest, and fast. There are a lot of shiny and interesting things to do and see on Facebook. If a customer leaves a comment and then waits too long for a reply back, she’ll probably move on to something different. That’s a missed opportunity for you, but you can help prevent it by checking in a couple of times a day.

Social media can be a powerful tool for business. And unlike marketing the way that it used to be, these platforms can work for free. The key is working them, and doing it in a certain way.

You can share family photos on your personal page and then take a week without checking in at all. But on your business page, followers are awfully fickle and lose interest in a short amount of time. Share often, interact as much as you can, and use your business social accounts as real business tools. Because that’s what they are.

There’s a lot more to using business social media to its fullest, but this can get you started on the right foot. And if you’re really just getting started and haven’t yet earned your home inspection certification, it’s a good thing that you found ICA School. Enroll now and earn your certification at your own pace.

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