Do I Really Need a Website? Probably


Maybe you’re a tech pro, or maybe you’re not. Either way, you can have a great web presence for your inspection business.

A web presence isn’t just nice, it’s expected, especially with younger, millennial home buyers. Without a website, you stand to lose a lot of business. And if you think about it, it makes total sense. Your work depends on attracting customers to you. And that’s what a web presence does, as long as it’s done well.

Here’s how to get your name out there even if you aren’t entirely computer savvy.

Design a Great Logo

Your business logo is the way that the world recognizes you. Think of every famous brand that you know. They all have a mark of some sort that separates them from other companies.

The key to a great logo is simplicity. It’s tempting to get fancy with the design. But fancier logos are harder to duplicate once you’re ready to stamp them on work shirts, and they don’t look as crisp as something much simpler.

Don’t want to hire a graphic designer to make a logo? Don’t worry. There are plenty of websites that will do it for you. Some of them are free. Check out Graphic Springs, Logomakr, and logogenie to start. You might be surprised at how great your logo can look!

Get Busy With Social Media

Everyone has a Facebook page these days, and so should you. You can pay for advertising through Facebook, but you aren’t really required to. In fact, you can start a business page on the social media giant for free. If you’re not sure how to go about it, check out this Facebook tutorial.

The key to making a free account – or any account – work is consistency and content. Commit to making one post a day, even if it’s just a few sentences. And in that post, give your prospective audience something that’s valuable to them and interesting to think about.

Maybe it’s a link to an article about the importance of home insulation, or maybe it’s a short piece on common home hazards. There are volumes of articles about homes already written and online. Find some that you like, post a link to one each day, and reply when someone makes a comment. Social is all about the community, and you’ve got to show your community that you’re listening.


Blogging lets you share your knowledge about homes and home inspecting with your prospective clients.

Start a Professional Blog

Blogs are another thing that you can host for free. The best looking ones are managed by pros, but WordPress has templates that can help you create one that looks professional and not too fussy. All that you have to do to get started is fill in the template blanks.

There are two ways to use WordPress as a business. You can choose a paid business account, or one that’s free. Free business accounts don’t have as many features. But they still give you a great-looking blog that works the way your readers expect it to. No programming required on your part.

What is required is regular posts. Maybe you’re a prolific writer and want to add two or three new posts every week. Or maybe writing isn’t your strong suit and you’d rather limit it to once a week. Whatever your schedule, treat it like social media and be consistent. Here’s a great WordPress help page that will get you started, and links on the left side with lots of information about managing and promoting your blog.

Start a Website

Websites are a bit more involved than a blog, but they’re also not as involved. That’s not as contradictory as it might sound. Web design is a skill that you’ll probably want to pay for. Although there are free hosts that provide you with a 1-2-3 and done sort of template, a website created by a professional web designer usually looks and performs better.

Websites are less involved than a blog in that once they are up and running, they require a lot less maintenance. Each page is what’s known as a static page, which means you don’t have to update it unless the information becomes outdated. For example, a page with your inspection rates would require an update if your rates go up. Otherwise, there’s no need for a weekly post.

Websites are also great because they allow customers to book appointments online. If a prospective home buyer is losing sleep and scanning the Internet for a home inspector, he won’t have to wait until morning to call during business hours. And you can wake up to a new appointment on the books. Inspection Support Network offers a great home inspection booking software package that’s recommended by NAHI.

You can avoid a web presence, at least in theory, but it’s not a very good idea nowadays. Your clientele is online. Many of them are online a lot. Remember all of the millennials who grew up with the Internet? They’re buying homes now. And you can place your business in front of their eyes.

Still just tossing around the idea of becoming a home inspector? There’s no better time than now to Get a free course demo and learn what ICA School is all about. In no time, you’ll be ready to take the next step and grow your business online.

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