Home Sales Hinge on the Inspection, and That’s a Good Thing

Home inspection

The important information that you provide makes you a good friend, indeed.

There’s a lot of stress on a home inspector if he worries too much about a home sale hinging on the report. Sometimes that’s the case, but it’s not always a bad thing. More buyers are relying on the inspection report to help them make an informed decision, not just to tell them whether or not to buy.

Before losing too much sleep about possibly breaking a deal just for being thorough and honest, consider these reasons why your expertise helps buyers invest their money wisely.

An Inspection Can Confirm the Good Condition of a House

In a best-case scenario, a buyer finds a house, falls in love with a house, and then buys the home of her dreams. That’s just what an inspection report with very few defects can help materialize.

Because buyers are much more educated now than in decades past, they know that the inspection is an important part of the process. When the inspection comes back with great marks, it lets the buyer move ahead with peace of mind. It’s a great selling point that benefits the buyer and the seller.

Home inspection

Your report could help buyers negotiate and come to a great deal.

It Might Give Buyers More Bargaining Power

Let’s say that the inspection and accompanying report reveal more than a few defects. Unlike the horror stories that some jaded sellers and real estate agents might claim, reported defects aren’t necessarily deal-killers. In fact, they can help seal the deal if the seller is flexible.

Chances are, a person selling a home knows about at least some of the defects that it’s got. He lives with them every day. An inspection shows the prospective buyer whether the defects are manageable, and lets her and the seller work toward a favorable deal that might include a reduced price, defect repairs or a combination of resolutions.

Even Important Defects Empower Buyers

So what about an inspection report that’s got its fair share of real problems? Maybe there’s a structural flaw, hazardous mold, a roof that needed replacement 5 years ago, or any number of expensive and possibly dangerous defects. If the buyer really wants the house, a defect-riddled report is empowering because it lets the buyer go into the transaction with her eyes open.

Some people love a challenge. And some dream about buying a stately old Victorian but can’t afford to buy one that’s already been restored. A report that notes significant defects helps a buyer who has already fallen in love with the property take reasonable steps toward getting repair estimates and planning her budget for transforming the frog into a prince.

A home inspection is a tool. Although most buyers are familiar with homes and the basics of how they function, many people only have a superficial knowledge. Your inspection report gives them a deeper understanding of the structure and all of its systems. Knowledge is power, and that’s always a good thing, even if it’s the power to opt out of buying a house that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Knowledge is also what makes you a great home inspector. And that begins with ICA School. If you’re just beginning to think about a career in home inspecting, get a free course demo and see firsthand what our instruction is all about.

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