How to Prepare for the National Home Inspector Exam

Home inspector exam

You’ve come this far, now it’s time to round out your training with the National Home Inspector Exam.

You’ve committed the time and effort to completing ICA School training, and you’ve got your home inspector certification. All that’s left to do is take the national home inspector examination, and you’ll be all set to hang out your shingle and get to work. Of course, it’s not quite that simple.

The National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) is tough, comprehensive, and most successful students afford themselves ample study time. It’s only offered on certain dates, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Here’s how you can increase your chance of succeeding the first time around.

Check out the Exam Content Outline

Most test takers want a study guide to help them prepare. You already have the materials from your ICA School course, and they’re yours to keep. But you don’t want to re-take the whole course as a crash effort to prepare for the National Home Inspection Exam. A little guidance goes a long way.

The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors offers an online booklet to help students prepare. It doesn’t give you the questions that will be on the exam, but it does direct you to the types of questions, which helps you choose where to focus your study efforts. The booklet also outlines test-taking details such as fees and registration.

Best Practices for Exam Study

The NHIE is tough. You could compare it to a comprehensive final exam at a university. And according to the State University of New York, or SUNY, there are scientifically proven ways to help you study effectively.

Home inspector exam

Take your time and use good study habits, and you’ll perform better on exam day.

Here are their top recommendations for making your study time more productive:

    • Don’t cram. Students have practiced this frantic method of exam preparation for generations, but it’s it’s better to study for 20-50 minutes at a time and give yourself breaks. Long-term retention improves when you don’t cram.
    • Get some exercise. Add 20 minutes of cardio exercise to your routine, and you could improve your memory. You’ll also feel better and stay more alert.
    • Eat healthy food. Sure, it’s convenient to order a pizza when you’re cramming for a big exam. But since you’re not cramming, you can take the time to eat healthy meals. Keep healthy snacks, such as fruit and nuts handy, too.
    • Alternate your study location. Moving your study location to a different area periodically can help avoid fatigue, and it might also help improve retention.
    • Give yourself plenty of time. The later you wait to study, the more likely you’ll be to fall into the cramming trap. Pace yourself, and you’ll have an appropriate amount of time to devote to everything that you study.
    • Don’t pull an all-nighter. Sleep deprivation is a bad thing, no matter your age. It affects reasoning skills and memory. And the last thing you want to do is arrive at the testing facility exhausted in advance.

Finally, it’s a good idea to take advantage of practice tests. You can find numerous examples online. Most of them contain actual NHIE examination questions from old tests that have been retired. They won’t supply questions from the test that you’ll take, but they will give you an idea of areas where you need more study time.

The National Home Inspector Exam is the last door that you’ll have to pass through before going to work as a home inspector. It’s difficult, but you can manage it. That’s because ICA School does such an effective job of teaching what you need to know. If you’ve not yet started your ICA School course, now is the time to get started. Enroll now and you could be preparing for the NHIE in a matter of weeks.

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