ASHI Welcomes New Members as NAHI Gives up its Charter


Former members of the now-shuttered NAHI are finding a warm welcome at ASHI. The American Society of Home Inspectors has worked overtime, facilitating a smooth transition for inspectors who want to join their ranks.

This handover was the brainchild of both NAHI and ASHI leaders, according to Frank Lesh of ASHI Reporter. The two associations always held a shared passion for the industry and a commitment to the same ethics and quality.

Here’s what new ASHI members can expect.

NAHI Leaders Invited to ASHI Conference

The annual ASHI Leadership Training Conference is where association leaders learn about training goals and strategies for the future. As part of the transition, NAHI leaders were invited to attend the conference and learn about issues such as selection, training and nurturing of the association’s leaders of tomorrow.

There’s also an association-wide conference scheduled for January 2017 at Bally’s in Las Vegas. The 4-day event is expected to host more than 45 education sessions and networking events, according to ASHI’s conference sign-up page.


New ASHI members can network with others at the 2017 conference in Las Vegas.

Former NAHI Members Gain a Wealth of Support

ASHI members enjoy a host of support and benefits that are comparable to what they had at their former home. The Standards are largely the same, and so is the Code of Ethics. ASHI works diligently to promote the industry and “raise awareness of the profession,” according to their membership benefits page. And members also have access to a wealth of industry resource materials and an online discussion community with other members.

ASHI members also receive discounts on conferences and expos, E&O insurance and vehicle insurance plus a subscription to ASHI Reporter. And through the numerous local association chapters, inspectors also have a wealth of learning opportunities.

NAHI Has Gone Dark but ASHI’s Lights are On

The National Association of Home Inspectors landing page is still active, at least on the member side, but many of the site’s pages have gone dark. The public landing page is also inactive. The registration page is still live, although they’re no longer accepting members. But the announcement about the association’s closure isn’t available to the public anymore. The big “tell” at the member site is the empty calendar.

But on ASHI’s 40 anniversary, they’re more than ready to take on the new members. There’s no public word yet on whether the new ASHI members will automatically be ASHI certified or if they’ll go through the same certifications as other new members.

The closing of NAHI and transition into ASHI marks the end of the rumor mill that began several years ago. Back in 2009, the two organizations were in active talks about a merger. But that fell through, and the two returned to business as usual.

Now, ASHI is stronger than ever, with nearly 8,000 members in North America. This strength in unity is good news for inspectors and it’s also good for customers as the industry works toward a more unified and predictable home inspection process for everyone.

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