How to Talk About a Buyer’s Inspection

Buyer's inspection

Some people are born for sales. Others, not so much. But don’t let that intimidate you. A buyer’s inspection isn’t required in most states. But it’s one of the smartest investments that people can make before committing to decades of mortgage payments.

Here are some pain-free ways to market your inspection services to the people who need them most.

Create Business Cards that Tell Your Story

The most basic function of a business card is giving info in a small package. But business cards have come a long way, and yours can be a conversation starter with clever design and eye-catching visuals.

Have you ever wondered how some businesses get a great logo? Some hire a designer, but you can visit a site such as LogoMakr and build your own on the cheap. Take your logo design to Vistaprint, and voila: killer business cards that are so good looking, customers will want to share them.

Talk to Everyone Through Your Website

If talking in person isn’t your forte, let a website take over some of the work. It’s free but doesn’t have to look cheap. And customers expect to find you online, so it helps build confidence while putting useful information into a tidy, accessible package.

WordPress is a leading free provider, and they have scores of professional-looking, free web design templates, so you can build a fully functional website with hardly any tech skills at all. Add a blog to your site, and you can reap the rewards of content marketing. Blog regularly with valuable information and users will have a reason to subscribe. Follow this guide for a quick way to get yours off the ground.

Get Involved in Community Activities

The more people see your face and logo, the more they’ll relate you to home inspections. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start researching organizations and local activities where you can get your face and name out to the masses.

Keep lots of marketing materials on hand so you can pass them out to people you meet. Business cards are great, and so are brochures. Check out QuickBooks ideas to find marketing angles for holidays and other special occasions.

Buyer's inspection

In-person visits help build friendships with agents who need inspectors like you.

Visit Real Estate Offices on the Right Days

Some of the best conversations are organic ones. When you stop in to visit a real estate agency, you have a great chance to talk about your business without the uncomfortable, on-the-spot feeling that you’re giving a speech. Just be sure to visit on the right days.

If the agency has a day set aside for marketing meetings, ask if you can show up and listen in. The worst they can do is decline. At best, you’ll visit the office when most agents are there instead of out in the field showing houses.

Let Customers Talk for You Through Reviews

Prospective customers have more faith in other customers before than they do a sales pitch. Here’s what a Bright Local survey found:

  • 57 percent of people research local businesses online
  • 88 percent of people are influenced by customer reviews
  • 88 percent of people trust businesses with positive reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend
  • The higher the starred rating, the more likely people are to buy
  • Over half of people go on to contact the business after reading a positive review

So where can you get all of this free exposure? Angie’s List is a good start. It’s free now. Yelp is another that lets users comment and rate home inspection businesses. Offer a spiff, such as a discount or an ancillary inspection, for customers who take the time to review your business.

Not everyone was born a natural orator. Fortunately, there are more ways to connect with people and drive in more business. Communication of every type ties in with building your home inspection brand. The more people who see your name, and the more positive things are associated with it, the more often your message will hit the mark.

If building a home inspection business sounds right up your alley, ICA School is the best place to start. Our online education program offers flexibility to work at your own pace. Enroll now and start growing your business in just a few weeks.

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