7 Steps to Home Inspection Certification

Home inspection certification

What does it take to get your home inspection certification? A little hard work, dedication and a great educational program designed for industry success. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

The ICA School home inspector training program was built by professional inspectors with years of industry experience. Here are the steps that you’ll take to successfully complete the program.

#1: Check out a Free Demo

What if you pay for home inspector training, only to find out that it’s not for you? That’s not a problem with ICA School. We offer a free course demo that lets you experience our teaching style and resources firsthand.

Check out the demo before you commit. That way, you’ll get an idea of what video lessons are like, and you’ll also learn more about what our program offers. You’ll also meet our director of education, Steve Preins.

#2: Find the Right Pace

Are you raring to go? Or do you only have a little time to spare for learning about home inspections? It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hurry or want to take it slow. Whatever you decide, ICA School works with your schedule.

If you’ve got a heavy background in the construction industry, many of the course modules might seem easy. If not, you might need more time with some of them. Quick or slow, you won’t fall behind with our self-paced course. No matter what life brings, you won’t have to worry about losing ground.

#3: Dive Into the Course Work

Of course, training is all about the coursework. Here are just a few of the modules that you’ll take:

  • Overview of Home Inspections and the industry
  • How to form a business, write agreements and handle insurance
  • How to perform an inspection and the Standards of Practice
  • Marketing I & II
  • Report Writing
  • Roofing I&II
  • Electrical I, II, III & IV
  • Exteriors I&II
  • Interiors I&I
  • Plumbing I, II & II

And several other modules that cover a house from top to bottom

#4: Get Help if You Need It

Maybe you’ll be lucky and sail right through our home inspection course. But if you’re like most people, you’ll have at least one or two questions along the way. Don’t worry; an inspector is always available to answer questions and lend a helping hand.

Inspector support is why former student Sara of Falls Church, VA wrote to thank ICA School. We want you to do well and start a great business. So if you have a technical issue or get stumped on a course question, we’ll be there.

#5: Think About Additional Study

ICA School doesn’t just prepare you to be a home inspector, we also give you tools to learn about ancillary inspections to make your business a better value for customers. The more you know and the more services you offer, the fewer reasons they’ll have to look somewhere else.

Here are some of the e-books you’ll get:

  • 800 pages of mold reference material
  • 600 pages about radon
  • 200 pages dealing with indoor air quality, which a lot of homeowners and buyer worry about
  • 5,000 pages of International Building Code materials

Plus, you can download more than 20 e-books about termite inspections, energy audits, septic inspections and more.

Home inspection certification

#7: Get Your Certification

This is what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Once you complete the entire 120 credit hour course and all of the applicable exams, your certification will arrive the mail. You’ll also get a certification number, which is something you can add to marketing materials and business cards. It helps boost customer confidence.

Your certification will also qualify you for a year’s free ASHI membership and a 6-month free NASHI trial membership. You’ll also be qualified to join a number of state-level associations, such as CREIA in California or Florida’s FABI. You may also go on to take your state’s home inspection exam if it’s required where you live.

The ICA School program was designed specifically to train you not just as a home inspector, but also as a successful business owner. We give you the tools to start strong. The rest is up to you.

Does this sound exciting? Then let’s get started! Enroll now and become a certified inspector in a few short weeks.

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