Here’s Why Every Seller Needs a Home Inspection

Home inspection

A professional home inspection puts a lot of power into a buyer’s hands, but home inspections can work for either party. A pre-listing home inspection helps sellers know what they’re selling. And that helps them market it the right way.

What’s the benefit for you? A more marketable service. The more people who need a home inspection the broader your target audience.

Here’s why every seller needs a home inspection:

Material Defects Aren’t Always Obvious

You might think that living in a house would give sellers the perfect knowledge advantage. But people can live in a home for years without really knowing the ins and outs.

Leaks can go unnoticed in basements and crawl spaces. Missing shingles might not stand out on a steeply pitched roof. And there’s also the issue of growing a bit tone deaf to defects from living with them every day.

Pre-listing home inspection services uncover what the seller knows and many things they might never have spotted on their own.

Home inspection

No seller really wants to hear back from the buyer, especially if there’s trouble.

Sellers Can Consider Meaningful Repairs and Upgrades

Some people want to get rid of a house as fast and with as little effort as possible. But many pursue upgrades and repairs before calling the listing agent. A pre-listing inspection helps owners focus on repairs and upgrades that mean the most to the active buying market.

Maybe the carpeting is just fine after all. Or perhaps there’s a leak in the attic that needs a spot at the head of the priority list. Or perhaps a mold inspection service will point out a hazard that could kill a sale.

With a home inspection, sellers get a clear picture of what’s genuinely right and wrong with the house. That helps them set a realistic budget for fixing what’s broken and dressing up what only needs a little cosmetic work.

A Fair Asking Price Stands a Better Chance

Perhaps the most important reason sellers need a pre-listing inspection is deciding on a fair asking price. At some point in the sale, a lender will send in an appraiser. But the appraiser’s opinion about the value of the home might differ dramatically from the seller’s.

For better or worse, a pre-listing home inspection gives homeowners a realistic picture of what the home is worth based on what’s right and wrong with the property. For example, a laminate countertop probably was top-of-the-line in 1990. But now, the edge chips and scratches add nothing to any home’s value.

Surprises are rarely a good thing as they apply to real estate transactions. When armed with knowledge, sellers can fix what needs attention to support the asking price instead of facing stiff negotiation later. There’s a freedom in knowing the truth, even if the news isn’t perfect.

As a home inspector, your skills help sellers truly understand the condition of their home. And that helps them make the best decision for a sale that benefits both sides of the closing table.

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