WV Residents: Online Home Inspection Training Works for You

Online training

West Virginia is one of a handful of states that require in-classroom training for prospective home inspectors. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to break away from work to attend a class. But there’s a viable and responsible way to work around the restriction.

Here’s how to get your certification in the Mountain State without rearranging your whole schedule and lifestyle.

Get a Good Home Inspection Education

This is the tricky part. If you live in West Virginia, home inspection licensing is regulated by the state Fire Marshal. Their regulations state that certification applicants:

“Shall either present proof of having conducted business as a home inspector for three years prior to the effective date of this rule, or proof of satisfactory completion of at least 80 hours of instruction which, as determined by the State Fire Marshal, directly relates to the performance of professional home inspections.” W.Va. Code §87-5-4.1(b)

Sounds simple enough, right? Not if you want to learn online. In West Virginia, home inspection instruction must happen in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Unless you’ve worked as a home inspector for three years, there’s only one way around classroom instruction, and that’s to get certified in another state.

Work Toward a Legal Waiver

If a home inspector has enough experience from another state, they can obtain a West Virginia certification under a waiver. ICA School course author and director of education, Steve Preins explains that you’ll need to get experience elsewhere.

“If you choose to not attend a classroom home inspection course you can always just perform your first 100 inspections in another state (VA, OH, KY, etc.) to obtain an experience waiver.”

If you take this route, you can study online, earn your certification and go to work in a neighboring state, such as Virginia, Ohio or Kentucky. After you have enough inspections under your belt, you should qualify for an experience waiver, says Steve.

Online training

Dig Into Online Home Inspection Training

The ICA School program is comprehensive and designed to give you a solid foundation for entering the home inspection industry. Once you complete the course, you’ll know about all of the relevant home systems that inspectors examine as well as defects and how to spot them.

But ICA School doesn’t stop there. We offer additional materials for a more well-rounded education. With your tuition, you’ll gain access to resources for mold, radon, commercial inspections, and building code.

We also offer one of the industry’s first training modules on drones for home inspecting. Add a drone to your toolkit and you’ll provide quicker, safer and more in-depth roof inspections than you could by walking the roof. Add a thermal imaging camera and you can also offer energy efficiency inspections.

West Virginia is quite strict about home inspector certifications. And we don’t recommend trying to skirt their requirements. If you study online, you will still need to pass the National Home Inspector Exam. And you’ll also need man hours of real-world experience. Only then can you apply for state certification. But you’ll be more than ready for it.

Wondering what online training is like and whether it’s a good fit for your life? Get a free course demo today.

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