4 Easy Steps to Get More Home Inspections

Home inspections

Is your home inspection business name something that people remember? Are you marketing to the right people at the right time in the right places? Home inspectors leave training with loads of skills, but creating a demand for business isn’t always easy.

If you’re struggling to drive in more customers or ready to grow into a bigger market, here are 4 ways to help make it happen.

#1: Get a Can-Do Attitude

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Marketing your home inspection business might seem intimidating. Technology can overwhelm, and competitors might appear to have more than their fair share of the customer in your area.

Fortunately, you can grow your business, and you don’t need a big marketing budget or staff to do it. Everyone starts somewhere, even the most prominent home inspection names in your area.

#2: Focus on Easy, Efficient Online Marketing Strategies

In a perfect world, you might advertise far and wide. But advertising costs dear. Online advertising is not as effective as it used to be, especially with the prevalence of ad blockers. However, low-cost, high-return marketing is within your reach. In some cases, it’s free except for the time investment that’s required.

How can you market for free? Here are a few simple ways:

  • Start a blog
  • Write blog content about home inspections and home ownership issues that matter to your audience
  • Share your content on social media
  • Interact with your social media followers

Content marketing puts your name in the spotlight. When you share blog posts on social media, your followers might also share with their friends.

Home inspections

Time your visit right, and you could pass out business cards to an office full of busy real estate agents who need an inspector just like you.

#3: Meet With Real Estate Pros in Your Area

If you think real estate agents are already brimming with home inspector choices, remember that there’s always room for one more. Call up agents in your area. Ask to meet with them. Offer them something better than the competition. Food is a good way to gain favor, but so is an earnest, skilled, dependable home inspector to add to their roster.

It might take time, but one day you’ll probably get a call from an agent who’s in a bind. Maybe their usual inspector will have a scheduling conflict or her kids might have the flu. If you’re ready to step in, the agent will remember you as someone they can count on.

#4: Make Your Website a Business-Driving Tool

It’s hard these days to operate any business without a website. But if yours is more of a glorified placeholder with a contact information page, you’re missing out. Every page of your website is an opportunity to earn respect as a home inspection authority and usher in more customers. You just need to set it up the right way.

Digital marketing is rooted in one goal: converting your audience into customers. That’s why every part of your website needs a clear and simple way to do just that. Use a call to action or CTA on each page and link it to a contact form. Whether prospective customers visit your website at noon or 3 a.m., a strong CTA encourages them to follow through and schedule a home inspection, no phone call required.

It’s tough to build a new business from scratch, especially if there’s a lot of competition in the area where you live and work. But the home inspector cream eventually rises to the top. With a little attention to marketing your business both online and offline, you can help speed up the process.

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