ICA School Students: Take Advantage of Free Reporting Software!

Home inspection

The home inspection industry has come a long way since the days of paper forms, clipboards and ink pens. While the longhand method is still an option, there’s no reason to add more steps to the job when there’s a quicker and much better way.

Home inspection report software produces beautiful, professional-looking reports every time. Condense that into a mobile app, and you’ve got a convenient way to log home inspection work on the fly and generate reports that look great.

ICA School has always helped students get off on the best possible foot after training. That’s why we’ve partnered with the fine folks at Home Inspection Report. You’ll get a complimentary copy of their intuitive mobile app after your training is complete, and that launches your new career with the latest technology.

Here’s what you can expect.

Convenience for Any Mobile Device

If you have a mobile device, chances are it’s compatible with Report Form Pro. This app works with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad, and it also works with Android phones and tablets.

Download the app and put it to work right away. Use pre-set fields to add common home systems and details about their condition to the report. Take photos and attach them without a separate camera. If you encounter an uncommon system, such as a second garage, you can add it as an extra feature.

Simple Customization Options

Branding is part of a good marketing strategy, and a company logo helps set your business apart from the competition. That’s why Report Form Pro lets you add your logo as well as contact information to create a proprietary look.

It’s as easy as a couple of clicks. Select the logo field on the app, choose the logo image from your phone and upload it. Enter your contact information, and you’re all set. Every report that you create will have the same uniform, branded appearance.

Reporting software

Mobile convenience doesn’t slow down your workday.

No Home Computer Required

Imagine that it’s a busy day and you’ve got a few home inspections on the docket. Which scenario sounds better: finalizing a report on-site or driving back to your home or office to finish the job?

Report Form Pro isn’t the only home inspection reporting app on the market. But many of them require connecting and syncing with a computer to finalize a report. This app frees you from the computer. It even saves reports to the cloud.

Send Reports From Anywhere

Time is money for you and your customers. In years past, home inspectors needed 24 hours or longer to prepare a report and send it to the customer. Thankfully, those days are over. Report turn-around time is virtually immediate with a mobile app.

As long as you have a signal, you can finalize and send a home inspection report as soon as the job is complete. That makes customers happy, instills confidence with real estate agents and makes you look like an efficient, dependable home inspector.

Not everyone is keen on mobile apps, and that’s OK. ICA School also offers the Microsoft Word version of Home Inspection Report software. So if you prefer to work on reports at home in the evenings, we’ve got you covered.

We’re here to ensure success at every turn, and it all begins with a great education.  Are you ready to start a new career? Enroll now and study on your own timeframe.

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