Top 4 Reasons to Go to Work for a Home Inspection Company

Home inspection

One of the biggest benefits of the home inspection industry is the flexibility of the work. You can be your own boss and call your own shots, but that also comes with a downside: responsibility. There’s something to be said for working as an employee. You might one day open your own home inspection business, but working for someone else has some definite advantages.

#1: Get a Steady Stream of Customers From the First Day

Probably the most challenging part of starting a new home inspection business is drumming up new clients. It takes a while to build a working relationship with real estate agents, who send inspectors quite a lot of customers over the years. Referrals from past customers take time to develop, as well.

If you work for an established home inspection company, you’ll do the inspecting work while someone else brings in the business. That’s freedom of another sort. It frees you from the stress of holding a business together through the most vulnerable early days.

#2: Let Someone Else Handle the Marketing

Do you have excellent marketing skills? That’s part of running a business, and there’s more to it than printing up a brochure and ordering business cards. Marketing takes time to learn and it’s always evolving. What worked five years ago might not resonate with potential customers today.

When you work for a home inspection company, the owner is responsible for marketing. You also won’t have to worry about printing costs and the fees related to maintaining a website. If it’s a bigger company, they might also provide a work vehicle and handle its upkeep and insurance.

Home inspection

While you’re in the field, someone else can handle the finances.

#3: Don’t Worry About Bookkeeping Skills

When was the last time you worked as a bookkeeper for a busy operation? If you have the experience, the idea might not be overwhelming. But for someone who hasn’t tackled it before, the learning curve can be fairly steep.

An employer handles all of the bookkeeping work. That lifts the burden of taxes, bounced checks, utility payments and all of the other financial concerns that accompany operating a home inspection business.

#4: Learn About Running Your Own Business From Solid Ground

If you want to open your own home inspection business one day, working for an employer lets you acquire knowledge over time instead of jumping in head first to sink or swim. Most new businesses that go under fail because the owner lacks the capital and business savvy to run it efficiently. Working for someone else lets you save and learn until you’re ready to branch out on your own.

Income is another issue. When you run your own business, you’re responsible for your income or lack thereof while it gets off the ground. Working for someone else lets you maintain a steady paycheck while you work toward you own business.

There’s no denying the appeal of being your own boss. There’s freedom in choosing your own marketing approach, finding your own clients and working on a schedule that suits your lifestyle. But all of that freedom comes with a price. The responsibility of being your own boss can be daunting. If you’re new to home inspecting altogether, you can expect to work doubly hard.

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