4 Reasons Online Home Inspection Training Works

Home inspection

Depending on whom you ask, home inspection training should only happen in the field, in the classroom, or online. Naysayers exist in nearly every direction to steer you away from one education model and toward another. There’s no single best path that leads to becoming a certified home inspector, but there is one that’s best for you. If online education sounds like the best for your life, here are 4 reasons you’re probably right.

#1: You Won’t Have to Quit Your Job

Plenty of people want to chart a new career path. Unfortunately, brick-and-mortar education can demand so much of your time that you’ll eventually have to choose between work or school. That’s enough of a deal-breaker to turn many people off, but online education is different.

When you enroll in an online home inspection training program, it fits into your schedule, not the other way around. So keep working your day job or night job. ICA School won’t put your existing career at risk. On breaks, during weekend hours and whenever you have free time, spend it studying. It’s always waiting for you to come back and move ahead another step.

#2: Get Expert Help When You Need It

Faculty Focus ranks “quick responses” at the top of the list of things online students want from faculty. With some online home inspector training programs, you’re on your own. You might even expect a solo experience with a self-paced program, but ICA School is different.

If you have a problem, want to ask a question or just need some reassurance that you’re on the right track, it’s available to you. You’ll get a quick response from an instructor and we’ll stick with you until you’re satisfied that you’re ready to move ahead.

#3: Study Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection

Talk about convenient. Online learning lets you take the classroom anywhere that you have Internet service. If you commute on a train, use your mobile device to read while you travel. If you’re on vacation, take the program with you.

This portability also means that you don’t necessarily need a home office. You can pick up your laptop and move to a quieter part of your home if necessary or study with family around if the subject isn’t too intensive.

Home inspection

Studying online helps you achieve a better work/education/life balance.

#4: Spend More Time with Friends and Family

Speaking of family, brick-and-mortar education pulls you away from home several days or nights a week. With online learning, that’s never an issue. Your home schedule can stay the same as it is now. Just fit in some study time and you can still attend the kids’ soccer practice, go out to the movies and have a family meal at home.

This flexibility helps you achieve a balance between your work and study life and your family. According to Columbia University Strategic Communications alumna, Ruth Esponda, online classes can fit around a heavy work schedule without the usual conflicts. And don’t forget to eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

Online learning isn’t for everyone, but it might be just what you’re looking for in home inspector training. Instead of rushing from one responsibility to the next, school can fit around your life. Because it’s a self-paced program, you can blaze through it in a few weeks or take your time. It’s all up to you.

If you’re still unconvinced that online home inspector training can work, there’s one way to know for sure. Get a free course demo today and see our instructor-led video lessons in action.

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