If You Live in Wisconsin, Here’s How to Become a Certified Home Inspector

Certified home inspector

Home inspectors in the great state of Wisconsin are registered or licensed. Unlike many states, pre-licensing education isn’t required. If you can fulfill the state’s requirements, which include two home inspector examinations, you’re in.

How does the whole process work? Read on to find out.

#1: Pass a National Home Inspector Exam and a State Statute Exam

Wisconsin home inspectors are required to register and sit for not one, but two exams. The National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE)   tests your knowledge about home systems, material defects and how to perform an inspection. It’s the same in every state that uses it. The Wisconsin Home Inspection Statues and Rules Exam tests your knowledge about state-level legislation that regulates the industry for Wisconsin inspectors.

Without an education requirement, it’s possible to sit for the exams right away. But unless you have a strong background in construction or a related industry, you’ll find it challenging to pass the national exam on the first try. Passing the state statutes exam might be even more difficult.

A complete online home inspector education program, such as ICA School, can teach what you need to learn before taking the national exam. Use the exam study guide for additional NHIE prep and you’ll be as prepared as you can be. As for the statues and rules exam, the Department of Safety and Professional Services recommends studying the relevant part of the state code and the administrative code book for home inspectors.

#2: Submit a Complete Application for Home Inspector Registration Form

The application process for home inspectors requires a completed form, related fees, proof of passing the national and state exams and evidence that the registrant has no pending criminal charges and no prior felony or misdemeanor convictions that would affect your ability to safely perform home inspections.

Veterans and spouses of veterans in Wisconsin may apply for a registration fee waiver. If that applies to you, you’ll need a copy of your Department of Veterans Affairs voucher code and your DVA Voucher Code Number. For everyone else, the fees include $75 for the initial credentialing and an additional $75 for the state statutes examination. The national exam fee is remitted separately.

If any of the information on your registration is negative, such as disciplinary actions, past convictions, or licensing revocation, attach an explanation of each occurrence to the form. The Department of Safety and Professional Services may approve your registration, but they’ll need adequate information to make the decision. If you’re delinquent on Wisconsin taxes or child support, the application will be denied according to state statute.

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Online continuing education lets you keep working while you earn the credits you need.

#3: Keep Your License In Force and Earn Regular Continuing Education

What Wisconsin lacks in educational requirements on the front end of licensure they make up for later. Before each biennial license renewal period, which happens before December 15 in even numbered years, home inspectors need no fewer than 40 credit hours of continuing education.

If you miss the deadline, your license isn’t automatically revoked. You’ll need to acquire the credits as soon as possible, and the state will prohibit you from performing inspections in the meantime.

Some of the avenues for continuing ed credits include:

  • Seminar attendance
  • Workshops
  • Professional association meetings
  • Conference attendance
  • Teaching a continuing ed class
  • Online or correspondence continuing education

Credits may be allowed through other means as determined by the Department.

The path to home inspection registration or licensure is slightly different in Wisconsin than in other states, but it’s just as straightforward: take and pass examinations, submit an application and keep your license active through continuing education and renewals.

Although pre-licensing education isn’t part of the state’s requirements, chances are you could benefit from it. ICA School online home inspector training is designed to prepare people like you for a career in the industry. After you complete the program, you’ll be well on your way to passing the National Home Inspector Examination.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help you learn a brand new career. Enroll now and work through our program at your own pace.

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