Here’s What the Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors Can Do for You

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The Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors, also known as VAREI, isn’t the oldest association in the country, nor is the largest. But it’s a busy one. Founded in 2000, association leaders and members have worked diligently to promote the industry and support issues that affect home inspectors and homeowners throughout the Commonwealth.

With so much activity happening in the industry, specifically with Virginia licensing, VAREI membership is worth thinking about. You’re not required to join this or any home inspection association. But sometimes, it’s good to know that a group of peers has your back.

Get Relevant News and Updates on Issues That Matter to Home Inspectors

In July, sweeping changes are coming that will affect every home inspector in the Commonwealth. The General Assembly has approved legislation to regulate the industry through licensing and a special designation for new construction. The VAREI board has monitored the new regulations and kept members informed.

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The VAREI website regularly posts updates and announcements that you can access from anywhere.

That’s one of the benefits that VAREI stresses. When anything affects the industry in general or Virginia home inspectors in particular, they’ll know about it, investigate it and let members know the status. If inspectors are required to take action, such as with applying for licensure, VAREI notifies its members.

Gain Valuable Knowledge Through Seminars Other Educational Events

One of the nicest benefits of any association is the opportunity to learn and grow in your career. Most associations offer educational opportunities through meetings, seminars, and events. VAREI hosts regular meetings, and members can offer presentations or sit in and learn from other presenters.

Conferences and annual meetings are where seeds of big ideas are sown. For example, the 2017 annual meeting in October has guest speakers, messages from board members, updates on home inspector education requirements and meals on the docket. There’s also a door prize and you have to be present to win.

Meet and Network With Other Home Inspectors Throughout the State

Home inspector associations such as VAREI also put you in touch with other inspectors who work in and around where you live. Home inspecting can be a lonely job sometimes, especially for sole proprietors. Attend meetings and get to know other inspectors and you could gain friendships as well as professional contacts.

Although some associations claim that local members might not be as friendly considering the competition factor, many say that the connections they’ve made are invaluable. You can send referrals their way and they can return the favor. And if you run into a problem during an inspection, your network of peers can help answer questions or come to your aid in other ways. It’s never a bad idea to have friends.

Home inspecting in Virginia is about to change in a dramatic way. No longer an unlicensed state, inspectors throughout the Commonwealth will soon have legislation in force that regulates the whole industry.  VAREI is a solid resource that can help you through the early stages of your career and help you grow into an experienced home inspector. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll even sit on the board.

If you’re new to the idea of home inspecting, ICA School is another great resource. Virginia’s new education requirements allow you to earn a certain volume of credits online, and that’s where we excel. Until the state releases their list of approved education providers, get a free course demo to see how our instructor-led video lessons work.

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