Profitable Ancillary Home Inspection Services by Region

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Some home defects and homeowner concerns are fairly universal. Whether you live in Oregon, Kentucky or South Carolina, termites could invade or your 20-year roof might not survive that long. But every region in the States has a few concerns that either aren’t covered in a general inspection or could use additional attention.

If you’re looking for ancillary inspection ideas to build your business and help the community, here are a few ideas that might resonate where you live and work.

Pacific Northwest: Radon and Mold

No matter where you live, it’s possible to have a radon gas problem that requires remediation. But studies are now showing that homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, and specifically in Oregon, have an especially high risk of the poison gas infiltrating their homes. says “every home needs to be tested regardless of where it’s located.” This part of the country is also rather known for damp conditions, which is perfect for mold to thrive.

New England: Lead Paint, Asbestos and Insulation

Older homes are more likely than any other to contain lead-based paint and asbestos. And in New England, you’ll find some of the oldest homes in the country. In fact, the oldest timber-frame house in America, which is thought to be Fairbanks House,   sits in Dedham, Massachusetts. It was built in the 1600s.

While it’s doubtful that Fairbanks House harbors lead paint or asbestos, those are common problems in other old homes throughout the region. Proper identification and containment or abatement can help homeowners lead healthier lives.

Midwest: Air Quality / Allergens

The Midwest grows a lot of things, but some of them are detrimental to health and wellbeing. Dust, pollen and other allergens thrive throughout America’s breadbasket. And that means many homeowners suffer from sinus issues, allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Air quality inspections can identify problems that affect sensitive homeowners and their families. With the information you provide, they might seek out specialists to improve ventilation, seal ductwork, remediate molds and improve overall air quality for good.

Home inspection

Some pests might be cute, but that doesn’t mean they should move in.

South and Deep South: Pest Infestations and Thermal Envelope

The sweltering, humid weather of the American South provides perfect conditions for insects and other pests of almost every variety to groom breed and thrive. The climate is like a giant incubator for termites, scorpions, and other critters, many of which homeowners don’t want as roommates.

Pest inspections help homeowners find out what’s eating their homes, living in their attics and camping out around the foundation. That information can send them in the right direction for pest removal and extermination.

Southwest: Foundations and Energy Efficiency 

The Southwest has heat and plenty of it. Seismic events are also part of living in California and the surrounding areas, so homeowners need assurance that their homes are stable and efficient enough to stay cool without using too much energy.

Energy efficiency home inspections can pinpoint weak spots in a home’s thermal envelope. Foundation inspections find cracks and other problems that weaken the integrity of the home.

North / Great Lakes: Water quality and Energy Efficiency

If you live and work in the North, you’re probably aware of water quality problems. In Wisconsin, for example, homeowners live with the risk of arsenic contamination in well water. City water isn’t immune to contamination, either, as residents of Michigan can confirm. And because the northernmost parts of the country have more than their fair share of cold weather, insulation and the whole thermal envelope matter more here than in milder climates.

Water quality inspections can identify an urgent need to avoid well water until or unless the poison is eliminated. Insulation and overall energy efficiency lets homeowners in this part of the country correct deficiencies and stay warmer all winter without excessive energy consumption.

No matter where you live and work, your part of the country probably has a few issues that stand out more than they do elsewhere. If you want to beef up your home inspection business and help out the community at the same time, identify what your state needs and offer inspection service to find it.

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