Millennials Should Consider Becoming a Certified Home Inspector

Certified home inspector

Millennials have a reputation for being a very young, tech minded generation. Thing is, most of them left high school and college years ago. Many own homes and have families now and are trying to carve out careers. Home inspecting might seem like an unlikely fit for Millennials, but it offers numerous advantages that align with values that are common with this generation.

As a sole proprietor, young home inspectors have the opportunity to create something all their own. They can make a difference in the community, work on their own terms and build a company from the ground up on their own terms. Not only that but tech skills, which are second-nature, come in handy in an industry that’s learning to embrace technology.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, here’s what home inspecting can bring to the table.

Home Inspecting Fits People From Diverse Backgrounds

If you poll a group of home inspectors, you’ll find an array of experiences and education. As you might expect, many inspectors come to the industry from construction or a related trade. What you might not expect is that a home inspector may have worked before as a secretary, nurse, retail manager, food service or any other career.

The diversity shouldn’t be too surprising. Everyone lives in a home, whether it’s an apartment, condo or a house. Nearly everyone has encountered a home defect that affected their safety, health or just their convenience. Home inspecting affects people from all walks of life. And as it turns out, people from all walks of life, even young people just getting started, are needed in the industry.

Certified home inspector

Home inspector training is flexible enough to fit around any schedule.

Educational Requirements Aren’t Prohibitive

Some people choose a career based on what it will one day pay. And some people avoid certain careers, even with the promise of wealth, because the education required to get there is either prohibitive or it’s a burden that they don’t want to carry for years. Home inspector education is affordable and it doesn’t require years of study or a second mortgage. Many people finish in just a few weeks.

For Millennials, jumping quickly from what might be a dead-end job into one where they’re the boss could be an appealing offer. Home inspector courses such as the ones ICA School offers are self-paced and there aren’t any college prerequisites. Whether the student has a bachelor’s degree or hasn’t gone to college at all, home inspector courses are within reach and they lead to a rewarding career where they’re in control of the future.

Home Inspectors Help Protect the Community

Home inspecting offers Millennials the opportunity to help the community. Inspectors provide information about what’s often the most expensive purchase a person or family will ever make. With that information, their customers can make an informed decision knowing that someone has got their back.

Why does that matter? Because Millennials care about communities. They might not want the same things out of life that their parents did at their age, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know their own minds.

FastCompany says these are just a few of the common characteristics of this generation:

  • Not especially driven to become rich
  • Want a purpose and to make a difference in the world
  • Willing to earn less in exchange for using their skills for something good
  • Are completely misunderstood by traditional employers

Are more interested in the community than in personal achievement

You might think of Millennials as an inherently tech-minded generation, but technology is just part of life now. What’s more, tech skills can help home inspectors excel in the industry.

While some pros still use printed paper forms and write inspection reports by hand, technology has blessed the industry with convenient apps that make work quicker and a lot more efficient. It’s also brought some terrific gadgets, such as drones for roof inspections, RC cars for basements and crawl spaces and thermal imaging that can help find energy leaks as well as damp conditions.

If you’re a Millennial who wants a business to run on your own terms and build into something of your own design, becoming a certified home inspector might be the best choice you ever make. If you know a young person who’s looking for a new career, this could be an important opportunity.

ICA School’s educational program is designed to start new certified home inspectors off on the right foot. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out some of the testimonials from former students. And then, check out a free course demo to see what we’re all about.

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