Virginia Home Inspectors: Here’s What ICA School Can Do for You

Home inspectors

With new licensing requirements settling in place, many prospective home inspectors in the Commonwealth of Virginia need a reliable and reputable education provider. ICA School comes through for you with an above-industry-standard education that meets the requirements of every association in the country as well as new state regulations and then goes a step beyond with access to additional materials.

If you’re facing licensing education for the first time, here’s what you can expect from ICA School home inspector education.

What are the New Requirements in Virginia?

As of July 1, 2017, all home inspectors in the Commonwealth must hold a license. That differs from years past when there was no licensing and only voluntary certification available. Now, new inspectors, those transferring from an unlicensed state and people who have been inactive in the industry need Virginia-approved home inspection education courses before receiving a license.

ICA School is approved by Virginia to provide 70 hours of pre-licensing education. No provider offers more, but many offer fewer approved hours. After completing online training, all prospective licensees must complete at least 10 field inspections, which meets the new “hands-on field inspection” requirement.

Finally, inspectors must pass the National Home inspector Exam. ICA School prepares you for this important step through intensive training as well as a 700-question exam prep module, which is included with your standard tuition. No additional fees apply.

Home inspectors

Studying online lets you fit education into your schedule and learn at your own pace.

What Will You Learn Through ICA School?

The training program that we offer differs from some of the others on a few important points. First, it was developed by experienced, professional home inspectors with many years in the industry. That matters because you can count on solid material that’s relevant in every aspect.

Next, we offer instructor-led video training. If you’ve wondered how home inspection training could effectively be taught online, that’s part of the secret. You’ll not only see aspects of home inspection in action, your guide will be a home inspector, not someone with no experience.

Additionally, ICA School has help standing by when you need it. That’s another pain point with some online schools, but we’ve covered it. If you have technical difficulties with the program, need help understanding a module or have any other concerns related to the program, a home inspector will answer your question and stick with you until it’s resolved.

Are There Any Extras?

We’re glad you asked. ICA School doesn’t stop with the basics. Our program goes well beyond the bare minimum with resources that not only support your career but also help you grow once you’re licensed and in the field.

For example, your tuition includes more than 20 downloadable eBooks that cover important topics such as performing energy audits, inspecting septic systems and termite inspections. You’ll also have full access to 800 pages worth of reference material on mold, 6— pages on radon, 200 pages on indoor air quality and a whopping 5,000 pages on International Building Codes.

If you need help with the business side of becoming a home inspector in Virginia, you’ll appreciate our modules on legal and business aspects, report writing and marketing your business. And keeping up with industry trends, you’ll also have a module on putting drones to use for roof inspections.

New licensing requirements for Virginia home inspectors have been a long time in the works. Now, the Commonwealth is aligned with many other states that are committed to regulation, education and a more reliable home inspection service for the public.

If you’re ready for licensing in Virginia and need an education provider that’s been around and knows the industry inside and out, enroll now and start working toward your next goal today.


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