3 Things Every Certified Home Inspector Should Consider Outsourcing

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You’re a company of one. Why should you outsource anything? The short answer is time. The long answer involves expert-level proficiency, fewer worries at tax time and a better handle on inbound marketing.

If you think you can’t afford to outsource, consider everything that you’d get in return. There’d be more time to spend on leisure activities and taking on more clients. You wouldn’t have a knot in your stomach as tax deadlines approach. Your content marketing could really take off and generate more clients. And instead of squeezing in all of the little things that take out chunks from your day, you could relax a little more while someone else handles the work.

Here are three areas where outsourcing could really come in handy.

#1: Let Professionals Handle Content Marketing

If you spend any amount of time online, you probably know that a) inbound marketing is overtaking outbound; b) inbound requires certain tech, organizational and writing skills; and c) content marketing requires a time commitment.

If you hire a content marketing firm to handle the work, you can do what you do best while they get to work creating engaging content for your target audience. Most companies have scalable solutions, too. Whether you only need a fresh batch of blog posts delivered every week or a full suite of services, someone else can turn your blog into a client lead generating dynamo. Check out Glassdoor‘s suggestions for finding the right content writer.

Home inspector

Imagine not worrying about making errors on your business tax returns.

#2: Hire Someone Else to Manage Accounting

You can probably balance a checkbook, but managing business-level accounting can get complicated in a hurry. There are receipts to account for, purchases to log, payments to apply and invoices to send. And then there’s Uncle Sam and, at least in some states, state-level taxes to pay.

Outsourcing accounting takes an enormous strain off your shoulders. Not only that, but a professional accountant can probably do what you do in less than half the time. As with content marketing help, you can often hire an accountant for only the tasks that you need help with.

#3: Use Services for Everyday Chores

Do you change the oil in your vehicle, perform repairs around the house or run errands to pick up tools and supplies? Business Insider thinks you should stop it. Small business owners can easily spread themselves too thin between performing home inspections and handling everything else.

Outsourcing is available for almost everything that you can imagine. You can order groceries to be delivered. Pet tenders can walk Fido and scoop FiFi’s litter box. When your work vehicle needs routine maintenance, take it to a mechanic or dealer instead of pulling the ramps out of your garage and doing the work yourself.

Entrepreneur says you should “outsource your weaknesses.” That doesn’t just mean handing over responsibility to someone who can perform a job better. It also means letting someone else handle the chores that take away from your valuable time.

Most certified home inspectors are small business owners. And in many cases, they’re businesses of one. Once you become certified and then licensed, if your state requires licensing, your days will be packed. Do yourself a favor and lighten some of the load. The money you spend on outsourcing could return to you in a better, stronger and more productive business.

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